Mechanical Design Engineer


Minimum Education:


Number of recruiters:




Work Area::


Job responsibilities: 1. Conduct product development and design work as required;
2. Prepare various technical documents to ensure their accuracy and completeness;
3. Responsible for continuous optimization of products;
4. Responsible for the standardization requirements of drawings;
5. Provide technical support to the marketing department;
6. Solve technical issues on the production site;
7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.
Job requirements:
1. Have professional knowledge related to machinery and master basic knowledge of Fluid mechanics;
2. Proficient in using CAD drawings, and being able to use SOLIDWORKS drawings is a priority.
3. Familiar with numerical simulation calculation and fluid analysis software
4. Have strong written expression skills and a certain level of English proficiency.
5. Outgoing personality and teamwork spirit.