Tender Specialist


Minimum Education:


Number of recruiters:




Work Area::


Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for producing and updating the company's general bidding documents.
2. Responsible for producing specialized bidding documents based on the bidding documents.
3. Responsible for printing, binding, and delivering bidding documents.
4. Responsible for registering the bidding ledger (basic information of bidding documents, price levels, and situations of winning or losing bids).
5. Responsible for the standardized storage of bidding materials and documents.
6. Complete data statistics for bidding.
7. Responsible for reviewing and archiving contracts and purchase orders.
1. No criminal history, under the age of 32, in good physical health without a major medical history.
Proficient in using various office software, proficient in using CAD and other drawing software, at least 1 year of relevant experience in bidding documents, familiar with the process of downloading and uploading bidding documents from various websites.
3. Possess relevant experience in bidding document preparation in the thermal/coal chemical industry.
4. Those who have experience in bidding for projects, industrial products, government procurement, etc. (understand the bidding process). 5. Understand the relevant technical standards for ball valves, butterfly valves, and other valves/municipal industries.
6. Proactive and self disciplined in work, able to work overtime at any time.
7. Strong sense of responsibility, confidence, and responsibility, with strong learning and expression abilities.