Three Year Action Evaluation of State owned Enterprise Reform: Our city was awarded Grade A

Recently, the Leading Group for State owned Enterprise Reform of the State Council pointed out in the "Report on the Evaluation of Key Reform Tasks for Local State owned Enterprise Reform in 2021" that Tianjin has conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Government. Since the implementation of the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises, Tianjin has adhered to high goal guidance, high station planning, and efficient promotion, with significant reform efforts and rapid progress. The evaluation result is Grade A, Give a notice of commendation.
  Without spirit, leadership, and team, any state-owned enterprise cannot run well.     The idea of "lying on the government" and "relying on demand" is not feasible, and it is necessary to enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility to accelerate reform, find a way out, explore new paths, and open up new paths through reform.
In response to the prominent issues of high debt and rigid institutional mechanisms in the reform of state-owned enterprises, our city has accelerated the establishment of a modern enterprise system among state-owned enterprises, deepened mixed ownership reform based on the "Tianjin+" policy, and completed a total of 17 municipal managed enterprises and 111 secondary and below enterprises' mixed ownership reform. After the mixed reform, enterprises were given a lift and promoted the restructuring to increase vitality. The original municipal managed enterprises achieved operating income and net profit growth of 81.2% and 455.8% respectively compared to before the mixed reform, and the average salary of employees increased by 13.8%. In 2021, the Department of Institutional Reform of the National Development and Reform Commission visited Tianjin to conduct research on the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises. It was believed that the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises in Tianjin not only introduced capital, resolved risks, improved governance, and increased efficiency, but also enlarged the function of state-owned capital, strengthened advantageous industries, and revitalized local economy, in line with the policy direction and requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council regarding the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises.
In view of the poor development quality and layout structure of state-owned enterprises, our city created a high-quality development fund for municipal state-owned enterprises, strengthened top-level design, issued the "14th Five Year Plan" for the layout of state-owned assets and several measures for structural adjustment, adhered to Systems thinking, organized forces to "screen" municipal enterprises one by one, and promoted the deepening reform of municipal enterprises in the way of "one enterprise, one policy" to achieve high-quality development.
For example, in the process of promoting the transformation of Urban Investment Group into a comprehensive urban operation service provider and developing into a state-owned capital investment company, a urban renewal company with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan was established, and an initial urban renewal fund with a total scale of 60 billion yuan was initiated. Urban Investment Group achieved a year-on-year increase of 14.2% and 17.4% in revenue and profit in 2021, respectively; Through comprehensive reform, TEDA Holding's net profit increased by 20.7% year on year and its interest bearing liabilities decreased by 8.8%.
Under the guidance of top-level design, the General Machine Tool Group, which jointly invested 10 billion yuan with central enterprises, was announced to be established; The Haihe Design Group, formed by integrating 7 design institutes, has officially set sail, aiming to develop and strengthen the modern design industry; Port of Tianjin Group has put into operation the world's first "smart zero carbon" terminal, and created a new benchmark for the intelligent upgrading of world ports in a new mode... At the same time, the transformation of old industries and old formats has also been accelerated. ST has successfully completed major asset restructuring, increased the market value by 10 times and renamed it "Jinkai New Energy", realizing the transformation from traditional department store retail industry to new energy industry; The listed company Songjiang Co., Ltd. has transformed and upgraded from the traditional real estate industry to the information and innovation industry through bankruptcy reorganization; Textile Group is committed to creating high-end textile trial production bases and ecological collaborative industrial chains, transforming from traditional textiles to "fashion leaders".
During the three-year action of deepening the implementation of state-owned enterprise reform, all municipal enterprises in our city have established boards of directors and special committees. The boards of directors of tier one enterprises and 97.2% of subsidiaries have achieved the majority of external directors. Energy Group and Tianjin Port Holdings have been identified as national demonstration enterprises of state-owned enterprise corporate governance. The implementation and scale of the professional manager system are among the top in the country, with 94 and 802 professional managers selected by enterprises at the first level and below. All 92 "Zombie company" listed in the national list were cleared, and 973 inefficient and ineffective enterprises were disposed. Through various means such as land transfer, rent-free benefits for enterprises, urban renewal, construction of rental housing, and development of elderly care real estate, a batch of enterprise land and real estate have been revitalized.
The latest statistical data shows that in the first quarter of this year, the net profit of municipal enterprises increased by 41.6% year-on-year. In 2021, the net profit of municipal enterprises increased by 18.8% year-on-year, reaching the best level in five years.