Sending a congratulatory letter to the Rehabilitation International Centennial Celebration

On the occasion of National Disability Assistance Day, we would like to extend our warm greetings to the disabled and their relatives across the country, as well as to the disabled artificial authors
Article source: Xinhua News Agency Release time: May 22, 2023 09:08

  China actively supports the international work of rehabilitation, promotes the development of disabled people in developing countries through practical actions, enhances the international community's concern for disabled people, and contributes China's strength to the international cause of disabled people.
  China is willing to work with countries around the world to jointly promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field of disability, and continuously improve human health and well-being.
Rehab International's Centennial Celebration was hosted by Rehab International and organized by the China Disabled Persons'Federation, and opened in Beijing on the 21st.