Leading the Three Year Action of State owned Enterprise Reform with High Quality Party Building

China Business Journal
Reported by reporter Suo Hanxue from Beijing


On July 5th, the Office of the State Council Leading Group for State owned Enterprise Reform held a special promotion meeting on "Leading the Three Year Action of State owned Enterprise Reform with High Quality Party Building, Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit and Encouraging Responsibility", and reported on the progress of key reform tasks as of the end of May 2022.
The meeting pointed out that since the implementation of the three-year action, the leadership and construction of the Party in state-owned enterprises have achieved a series of significant results. The organic unity path of Party leadership and corporate governance has become clearer, the integration of Party building work with reform, development, production and operation has become more in-depth, and the enthusiasm of cadres and employees for work and entrepreneurship has significantly increased. This has played an important political guarantee role in promoting the implementation of reform.
The main force of Common prosperity
"By the end of May 2022, the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform has achieved remarkable results." A person from the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhejiang Province told the China Business Journal that "we have formed the characteristics of state-owned enterprise reform in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which is' led by party building, regional coordination, market orientation, digital empowerment, and innovative promotion of the construction of the Common prosperity demonstration zone, 'which has effectively promoted the high-quality development of the state-owned economy, and the main operating indicators have all hit a record high in the same period of history."
High quality party building can ensure the correct direction for the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.
  The person from the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhejiang Province said.
In 2020, the Zhejiang State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission took the lead in issuing the "Demonstration Text of the List of Pre research and Discussion Items for the Party Committee of Provincial Enterprises" nationwide. In 2021, the Zhejiang State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission formulated and issued a notice on the collective research and control of major issues by the Party branch (Party General Branch) of independent legal entity enterprises, improved the "three major and one major" decision-making system, and promoted the strengthening of organizational, institutionalized, and specific leadership of the Party in improving corporate governance.
In addition, the Zhejiang State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has selected 10 provincial-level enterprises to carry out ten sample constructions, including "guiding the direction, managing the overall situation, and promoting implementation", and strengthening party building to promote development, forming a series of 10 books titled "Exploration and Practice of Strengthening Party Building and Leading High Quality Development in Zhejiang Province's State owned Enterprises".
Weng Jieming, a member and deputy director of the Party Committee of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, stated that in the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, the integration of party building work and reform, development, production and operation has become more in-depth. Central enterprises have explored the establishment of an assessment and evaluation system for state-owned enterprises with Chinese characteristics that organically connects party building responsibilities, business performance, and leadership teams. The system integrates party building work with reform and development through planning, deployment, promotion, and assessment, and promotes the deep integration of party building work with various aspects of production and operation. It has formed a large number of politically leading, distinctive, and practical experience and practices
Promoting Party Building in Mixed Reform Enterprises
The reform of mixed ownership is one of the contents of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, and it is necessary to timely adjust and streamline the party organization relationship in the mixed ownership reform process.
The person in charge of Tianjin State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission told reporters: At the beginning of promoting the mixed reform, we made studying the party building work of mixed reform enterprises an important task. We organized special research and conducted in-depth discussions, policy spirit discussions, on-site understanding of enterprises, and learning from advanced provinces and cities to understand the new situations and problems faced by party building work in the mixed reform of municipal enterprises. We proposed targeted measures and methods, and formed a special research report. Combined with promoting the transformation of research results, 2020 In conjunction with the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, we jointly issued the "Several Measures for Fully Utilizing the Role of Party Organizations in Promoting the Mixed Ownership Reform of Municipal Enterprises", proposing clear and normative requirements for the role of enterprise Party organizations in the mixed ownership reform process from five aspects
We need to timely adjust and streamline the party organization relationship of mixed reform enterprises, "said a person from the Tianjin State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, "The Party Committee of Tianjin SASAC took the initiative to negotiate and communicate with strategic investors, relevant district committees, party committees of hybrid enterprises and platform companies on the adjustment of the relationship between the party organizations of hybrid enterprises. According to the principles that are conducive to strengthening the leadership of the party and party building, strengthening the supervision of state-owned assets, and releasing the vitality of reform, and according to the different equity structures of hybrid enterprises, fully respect the wishes of investors, relevant parties jointly negotiate to determine hybrid enterprises The relationship between enterprise party organizations
For example, after the mixed reform of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank, it is still a municipal enterprise, and the affiliation of the party organization remains unchanged; After the mixed reform of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group, investors proposed to transfer the party organization relationship to the party working committee of the registered street, and after repeated communication, it still belonged to the party committee of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission; After the reorganization of Tianjin Pipe Corporation, there is no state-owned equity in Tianjin, but the party organization relationship is still subordinate to the Party Committee of Tianjin SASAC.
In addition, for the stripped off units that have not been included in the mixed reform, the party organizations will be transferred to the corresponding platform company party committee or industry party committee. For example, the joint venture between Tianjin Zhonghuan Group and Samsung in South Korea remains in the state-owned asset system and is transferred to the Tianjin Jinzhi Capital Party Committee. All levels of mixed reform enterprises can timely adjust and straighten out the affiliation relationship of party organizations, achieving "four synchronization" and "four docking".
Weng Jieming stated that party building work should be strengthened in the reform of mixed ownership, and the establishment of party organizations and the development of party work should be a necessary prerequisite for mixed ownership reform.
Weng Jieming requested that after the mixed reform of enterprises, the principles of party organization relations and leadership guidance responsibilities for party building work, which were originally under the state-owned enterprise system, remain unchanged. To ensure that the unique advantages of party building are fully demonstrated in mixed ownership enterprises, where state-owned capital develops, party building must follow up. We need to deeply explore specific measures to improve the role of party organizations in different types of enterprises.
Expand the coverage of the Party's organization
The special promotion meeting of the SASAC on "leading the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform with high-quality party building, and promoting entrepreneurship as an incentive responsibility" emphasized that we should learn from practice to promote reform in implementing the primary task of the three-year action, promote the deep integration of party leadership, party building and deepening reform, production and operation, and promote the organic integration of Nomenklatura, party managed talents, and market-oriented selection and employment, We will vigorously promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and encourage people to take on responsibilities in reform and development, strengthen supervision and coordination, and continue to promote the rectification of conduct, discipline, and anti-corruption. We will effectively implement the key tasks of strengthening Party leadership and building in the three-year action plan.
Regarding the specific content, Weng Jieming stated that, Further expand the organizational and work coverage of the Party, and create a new model of "branch building connected" for state-owned enterprises in the new era based on reality. Build grassroots Party organizations on production units, project sites, and business chains, establish temporary Party branches in major projects, continuously deepen effective carriers such as demonstration Party branches and "Party building+", and provide organizational foundation and political guarantee for the reform to penetrate the grassroots
In addition, it is necessary to promote the resonance between party building work and reform and development.
Weng Jieming stated that promoting the organic unity of party building responsibility and business responsibility, making promoting reform and development, and promoting production and operation as important indicators for the assessment of party building responsibility system, promoting the integration and exchange of comprehensive assessment and business performance assessment with enterprise leaders, and closely linking the assessment results with the salary of leaders, embedding the responsibility for reform, operation and development into the requirements of party management and party governance.