International Machinery Participated in the 7th World Intelligent Congress

On May 18, 2023, the 7th World Intelligent Conference was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). Baili Equipment Group, with the theme of "Green Energy Equipment Manufacturing Group", participated in the collective exhibition with its latest intelligent products, showcasing the group's future direction in the field of intelligent equipment for all sectors of society. Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd., as a key development enterprise in the general machinery sector under Baili Equipment Group, has the honor to participate in this conference.
Tianjin International Machinery attaches great importance to this conference and, in accordance with the unified arrangement of the group, organizes relevant personnel in advance to prepare exhibition related matters, from exhibition promotional materials, written instructions to staff, carefully and meticulously planning and arranging. On the opening day, relevant leaders of the company arrived at the exhibition area of Baili Equipment Group in advance to command and prepare with the company's on-site staff, welcoming leaders, experts, and friends from all walks of life from home and abroad with a full spirit. At the conference, the company showcased a variety of intelligent, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving products, including water turbine inlet ball valve products and intelligent heat exchange unit products, which attracted the attention of many visitors due to their technical performance and quality. Multiple technical and commercial exchanges were held on-site.
During the Smart Conference, organize company employees to fully utilize the high-quality resources of the World Smart Conference, learn and understand the industry's best practices and development trends in intelligent topics such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing, broaden their horizons and broaden their thinking. At the same time, the company took this intelligent exhibition as an opportunity, combined with the company's development needs and market positioning, led by leaders, took the initiative to carry out technical exchanges with some participating enterprises, and promoted research and development cooperation and project implementation.
May 23, 2023