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——Baili Group's Q1 on-site emergency drill
Record of International Machinery Theme Emergency Plan Exercise


Baili Equipment Group has innovated its safety production management model and delved into the production front line of the enterprise. On March 29, 2023, the group held a regular safety production meeting at its affiliated Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "International Machinery") and successfully organized and implemented an emergency plan drill for "on-site disposal of water pressure test and object strike accidents". This emergency drill was organized by the Economic Coordination Department of the Group, undertaken by International Machinery, and co organized by Tianjin Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology Technicians. Safety management personnel and leaders in charge of various affiliated enterprises of the Group observed the drill on site. Comrade Xie Guochang, Deputy General Manager of the Group, observed the entire emergency drill and provided comments and guidance.
Previously, after receiving the undertaking task, International Machinery attached great importance to it, and the main person in charge personally guided the drills multiple times, constantly putting forward high-quality requirements; The deputy general manager in charge carefully organizes and implements, directing the participants to repeatedly engage in joint training; The participants are full of spirit, fully committed, and actively contribute ideas and suggestions. In the end, with the joint efforts of the group and all participants of International Machinery, the emergency drill task was successfully completed, fully achieving the drill objectives of testing the plan, training the team, running in mechanism, publicity and education, and improving preparation.
This drill starts from practical experience, closely follows the actual production situation, and is carefully deployed. Based on the safety risks existing in the company's production process, the drill plan is conceptualized, and combined with actual emergency capabilities, the self rescue link is designed. Through multiple joint exercises, problems in the drill plan are discovered, and the drill plan is repeatedly reviewed and revised, making it easy to draft.
Through this drill, everyone gained a deeper understanding of the importance of emergency self rescue on site as soon as possible, familiarized themselves with the principles, key points, processes, and accident reporting procedures of self rescue, and gained a deeper understanding of the importance of correct emergency response in controlling accident spread and reducing or avoiding accident losses. Further enhancing the company's ability to respond to emergencies, enhancing team cohesion, enhancing fighting spirit, inspiring morale, and fully reflecting the spirit of unity and progress, positivity, courage to make progress, and striving for success of the international machinery workforce!