Dynamic | Deepening Investigation and Research to Promote Deepening and Realizing Theme Education

Promote the high-quality development of the group.
Sink down and explore problems to find solutions
In recent days, Wu Jiejun, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, has taken the lead in going deep into the frontline and conducting research in enterprises such as Baili Electric, Tianfa Hydropower, and electromechanical import and export, promoting high-quality development through "one enterprise, one policy". Clarify that Baili Electric needs to effectively improve its innovation capabilities, strengthen quality and efficiency improvement, adjust its product structure layout in a timely manner, and solidify the "label" of Shuangbai Enterprise; Tianfa Hydropower needs to strengthen its technology, talent, and research and development efforts, actively seize orders and actively compete in the market, and make real efforts in pumped storage; The import and export of mechanical and electrical equipment should be combined with inspection and rectification, strengthen institutional control for management risks, improve management level, and do a good job in the overseas "market department" of the group. Through research, we can effectively understand the situation on the front line, deepen planning on the front line, promote work on the front line, and demonstrate effectiveness on the front line. On the basis of formulating a list of issues, tasks, and responsibilities, the group has focused on addressing bottlenecks and difficulties, effectively transforming research results, and striving to promote development through large-scale research.


Going Global and Expanding Ideas to Promote Development
Based on promoting the strategic development of the Group and adhering to open research, the leadership team will take the initiative to carry out study visits to central enterprises such as CNOOC, China Railway Material Trade, CRRC Yongji, other provincial and municipal counterparts such as Chongqing Mechanical and Electrical Holding, Beijing Mechanical and Electrical Holding, as well as local state-owned enterprises such as TEDA Holding, rail transit, Bohai Chemical Group, in order to meet the demand, seek cooperation and exchange points, and further broaden the horizon in learning, Find gaps in comparison, seek cooperation in communication, strive to liberate thoughts and change concepts in research and exchange, enrich and improve the group's "14th Five Year Plan", clarify the new industrial development positioning, and effectively demonstrate the benefits of high-quality development.