Dynamic | Baili Group Holds a Symposium for Middle Level Cadres in the Headquarters

In order to promote the study and implementation of the theme education of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen the construction of government departments and offices, and help the group develop in a high-quality way, Baili Group held a symposium for middle-level cadres of the headquarters on the morning of May 12, and Wu Jiejun, the secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, attended the meeting and made a speech.

The symposium not only discusses ideas and methods, but also serves as a mobilization for the work of the group headquarters and a party spirit education for middle-level cadres in the headquarters. At the symposium, the heads of each department implemented the speech made by Secretary Wu Jiejun at the first meeting of the Group Party Committee and the new team, based on departmental responsibilities and services to support the high-quality development of the group. They discussed ideas, concepts, development, reform, style, and other aspects of understanding, experience, and measures, and effectively implemented the deployment requirements of the Group Party Committee.
Wu Jiejun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, combined with in-depth grassroots research and conversations to understand the situation, focusing on four aspects: "whether Baili needs to develop, how to develop, how to help the enterprise if the organization doesn't understand it, what kind of functions the organization plays, how to play its role, what kind of organization to build, and how to build the organization, The development goal of building an influential intelligent equipment manufacturing group has been put forward, and specific requirements have been put forward for doing a good job in departmental work based on actual conditions.

The equipment manufacturing industry is a national treasure and an important component of the real economy. Baili must develop and achieve great development, which is the responsibility and mission of state-owned enterprises. As an equipment manufacturing enterprise, Baili Group is duty-bound. Wu Jiejun emphasized the need to review the gains and losses of the Baili reform, the future development time and trend, analyze the reasons from aspects such as pattern, responsibility, ideas, and tactics, fully leverage the group's brand advantages, financial advantages, resource advantages, joint venture advantages, and listed company advantages, and vigorously develop the three industries of smart grid equipment, green energy equipment, and general mechanical equipment, Gradually build into an influential intelligent equipment manufacturing group in our city.
Wu Jiejun emphasized that the headquarters of the group, as the command center, is crucial in the development of the group. We should fully leverage the three major functions of management, staff, and service, broaden our thinking, establish a solid style of work, and serve the enterprise. We should enhance our work ability with the work standards of "high, practical, fast, strict, and good". We should lead by party building to do a good job in management, reform, development, market, technology, management, funds, projects, talent, and other work, and promote the high-quality development of the group with practical results.