Dynamic | Baili Equipment Group Holds Theme Education, Learning and Training Class

More than 60 grassroots party branch secretaries, party affairs cadres, trade union chairpersons, and league organization secretaries from affiliated units of the group participated in the training.
This training is a re learning, further extension, and further expansion of the group's theme education reading class in the early stage. The focus is on the overall requirements of "learning ideas, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and building new achievements", focusing on ideological refinement, party spirit refinement, professional experience, and practical exercise. Through a combination of "expert teaching, shared communication, group discussion, and theoretical testing" learning mode, it further guides party members and cadres to read original works, learn original texts, and understand principles, Deeply study, think, and comprehend, effectively strengthen the Party's innovative theory, and promote the deepening and implementation of theme education.

 Continuously improve political judgment, understanding, and execution.
  Everyone agrees that deepening theme education requires continuous strengthening of theoretical learning, conscious improvement of quality and ability, and efforts to strengthen faith, strengthen party spirit, and enhance skills through learning, thinking, and practice. Everyone has expressed that we should take this training as a new starting point, combine it with reality, carefully study and implement the spirit of Comrade Wu Jiejun, the Secretary and Chairman of the Group Party Committee, in his speech at the Group Party Committee, further liberate our minds, strengthen our confidence, face difficulties, accelerate development, and strive to transform the learning results into work enthusiasm. We should take on responsibility with loyalty and practicality, and contribute to the high-quality development of Baili Equipment Group.