Focusing on the overall situation of the country, giving full play to its own advantages, defining the main direction of attack, and striving to write a chapter of Chinese path to modernization in Shaanxi

Focusing on the overall situation of the country, leveraging one's own advantages, and clarifying the main direction of attack
Strive to write a chapter of Chinese path to modernization in Shaanxi
On the way to Yuncheng, Shanxi for inspection
Cai Qi attended the briefing and accompanied the inspection

  We should fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, closely focus on the primary task of high-quality development, focus on the overall situation of national development, base on Shaanxi's reality, give play to our own advantages, clarify the main direction, actively integrate and serve to build a Dual circulation, and strive to achieve self-reliance in science and technology, build a modern industrial system, promote coordinated development between urban and rural areas and regions, expand high-level opening up We will make new breakthroughs in strengthening ecological and environmental protection and strive to write a chapter of Chinese path to modernization in Shaanxi.
  We should base ourselves on our own industrial foundation and resource endowments, adhere to the focus of development on the real economy, consolidate the leading position of traditional advantageous industries, and bravely open up new fields and tracks to cultivate new competitive advantages. Guided by scientific and technological innovation, we will accelerate the upgrading and transformation of high-end, intelligent and green traditional industries, foster and strengthen Grand strategy emerging industries, actively develop the digital economy and modern service industry, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system with intelligent, green and integrated characteristics, and meet the requirements of integrity, progressiveness and security, and strengthen and optimize modern energy industry clusters. Focusing on national strategic needs and the forefront of international competition, we will implement major national science and technology projects, conquer more key core technologies, and create more "national weapons". Strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, promote the deep integration of innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain, talent chain, and accelerate the industrialization process of scientific and technological achievements. Establish a comprehensive national science center and technology innovation center in Xi'an, and strive to build a national important research and cultural education center, high-tech industry and manufacturing base.
  We should actively promote the construction of new urbanization with county towns as an important carrier, improve the level of municipal public facilities construction, basic public services, and industrial supporting functions in county towns, enhance comprehensive carrying capacity and governance capacity, and play the radiating and driving role of county towns in the development of county economy. Develop small towns according to local conditions, promote the standardized and healthy development of characteristic towns, and build a county-level economic system with county towns as hubs and small towns as nodes. Improve the system and mechanism for urban-rural integrated development, improve the policy system for equal exchange and two-way flow of urban-rural factors, promote the orderly flow of urban resource elements to rural areas, and enhance the vitality of agricultural and rural development. We will vigorously develop characteristic industries according to local conditions, promote the integration of rural primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, and expand channels for farmers to increase their income and become rich. We will continue to deepen the Environmental remediation of rural human settlements, strengthen the protection of traditional villages and rural features, strengthen the construction of rural spiritual civilization, and foster a civilized countryside. Continuously implementing dynamic monitoring, continuously enhancing the endogenous development momentum of poverty-stricken areas, and firmly adhering to the bottom line of preventing large-scale poverty return.
  Firmly establish and practice the concept that Clear waters and green mountains, and continue to fight the battle of defending the blue sky, clear water and pure land. We should take the ecological protection of the Yellow River basin as the baseline for Shaanxi's high-quality development, strictly implement the Yellow River Protection Law and relevant plans, promote the comprehensive control of soil erosion and desertification, strengthen the ecological protection and restoration of the river basin, deepen the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, industrial pollution, urban and rural life pollution, and ecological Environmental remediation of mining areas, and protect the mother river of the Yellow River. Improve the regular and long-term protection system and mechanism of the Qinling Mountains, improve the regulatory system, conduct dynamic inspections and rectification, and safeguard the central water tower in China. Strengthen the protection of water source areas in the Middle Route Project of the South to North Water Diversion, and ensure that "a clear stream of water will continue to flow northward". Promote green and low-carbon economic and social development, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure, and land use structure, promote the green transformation of the energy industry, and actively and steadily promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, vigorously advocate green consumption, and deeply promote resource conservation and intensive utilization.
  More actively integrate and serve to build a Dual circulation, more deeply integrate into the overall pattern of jointly building the "the Belt and Road", strengthen the momentum and increase vitality in expanding domestic and external opening, and open up a new world for development. Steadily expand the institutional opening of rules, regulations, management, standards, etc., promote the high-quality development of the pilot free trade zone, and actively create a high-energy Open platform. Actively participate in the construction of new land and sea routes in western China, give full play to the role of Trans-Eurasia Logistics as the assembly center in Xi'an, speed up the formation of an important opening channel for countries in Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia, and play a greater role in connecting domestic and international double circulation. Strive to create a market-oriented, legal, and international first-class business environment, and improve the quality and level of investment attraction.
  To increase wisdom by learning is to understand the law, clarify the direction, learn methods, and increase wisdom from the Scientific theory of the Party, and learn the skills of watching the family, rejuvenating the Party, and strengthening the country. Firstly, we need to enhance our political abilities, be adept at thinking, making decisions, and handling issues from the perspective of the Party and the people, as well as the overall work of the Party and the state. We should be good at grasping the regularity of things from complex problems, discovering the trend of things from emerging problems, and recognizing the inevitability of things from accidental problems. We should be adept at managing complex situations, gathering social forces, and preventing political risks, and effectively shoulder the political responsibilities entrusted to us by the Party and the people, To truly become a politically savvy person. Second, we should improve our thinking ability, transform the worldview, methodology, and the positions, viewpoints, and methods of the Socialism with Chinese characteristics thought for the new era into our own scientific thinking methods, as the "master key" to research and solve problems, and earnestly improve our strategic thinking, dialectical thinking, Systems thinking, innovative thinking, historical thinking, rule of law thinking, and bottom line thinking ability, so as to grasp the essence of things, grasp the law of development Grasp the key to work, grasp policy standards, and enhance the scientificity, foresight, initiative, and creativity of work. Third, we need to improve our practical ability, carry forward the fine style of learning of integrating theory with practice, fully grasp the practical requirements of a series of new concepts, new ideas and new strategies of the Socialism with Chinese characteristics thought for a new era, enhance our ability to promote high-quality development, serve the masses, prevent and resolve risks, strengthen the cultivation of fighting spirit and fighting skills, focus on strengthening our ability to prevent risks, meet challenges, and resist repression, fill in gaps in knowledge, fill in weaknesses in quality, and strengthen our weak abilities, Continuously improve the level of specialization. Shaanxi should make good use of its historical Cultural resource management and red Cultural resource management, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of Party building and the spirit of Yan'an, and promote the theme education to go deeper and more practical.
    Yuncheng has a long history and rich cultural heritage, named after the "City of Salt Transportation".     We must conscientiously implement the work requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on adhering to protection first, strengthening management, excavating value, effectively utilizing, and making cultural relics live, and comprehensively improve the level of cultural heritage protection and inheritance.
Xiechi Lake has a mining history of more than 4600 years, with profound cultural heritage and important historical value. In recent years, the local government has adhered to prioritizing protection and green development, implementing the policy of "returning salt to the lake". All industrial production within the scope of salt lake protection has been stopped, and industrial transformation and upgrading have been promoted according to local conditions.   He pointed out that the ecological value and function of salt lakes are becoming increasingly important, and it is necessary to coordinate the protection and utilization work, so that the unique cultural and ecological resources of salt lakes can be passed down from generation to generation, gradually restoring their ecological functions, and better protecting their historical and cultural values. He stressed that the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee from the perspective of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and civilization. All provinces and regions in the Yellow River basin should adhere to protecting the ecology of the Yellow River basin as the baseline for planning development and promoting high-quality development. What is not conducive to the ecological protection of the Yellow River basin must not be done.
Cai Qi, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Director of the General Office of the Central Committee, attended the briefing and accompanied the inspection.
Comrades in charge of relevant central departments attended the report meeting and accompanied the inspection, while comrades in charge of the Third Guiding Group of the Central Committee on Theme Education attended the report meeting.