Dynamics | Seizing Opportunities, Accelerating Development, Firmly Promoting High Quality Development of the Group - Baili Equipment Group Holds a Symposium on Holding Enterprises

  Firmly promote the high-quality development of the group. Zhao Jiuzhan, a member of the group party committee and deputy general manager, presided over the meeting. The heads of state-owned holding enterprises under the group and relevant departments of the headquarters attended the meeting.
Wu Jiejun emphasized that we should not only face problems and overcome difficulties, but also make good use of our advantages and accelerate development, enhance our sense of direction and role in grasping reform, seeking development, and promoting development. We should fully utilize our internal and external development advantages, focus on building an influential intelligent equipment manufacturing group, deeply cultivate the three major industries of intelligent electrical equipment, green energy equipment, and general mechanical equipment, and continuously promote high-quality development to a new level, Contribute more high-quality increments to the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises in our city. We must understand and grasp the laws to do a good job in corporate governance, fully utilize economic, market, and corporate governance laws, deeply grasp the development of business reform, market science and technology management, and fund project talents, and integrate Party leadership into corporate governance, continuously achieving effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity. We need to transform the development mode and concept, allocate more resources to seizing technology, projects, and investments, closely focus on the development strategic opportunities of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the "Ten Actions" and other countries and our city, further enhance the level of research and development innovation capabilities, further enhance profitability and profitability, and further enhance the scale and industry position of enterprises. We need to attract investment and extend the length of the industrial chain, Continuously consolidating, strengthening, optimizing, and expanding the industrial foundation of Baili Equipment Group. To enhance political, thinking, and practical abilities, and continuously strengthen the Party's leadership over high-quality development. In terms of overall planning, we should focus on both party building and the economy, as well as the current and long-term development; In terms of economy, we should focus on both management and development; In terms of operation, we should focus on internal governance and external conditions at the same time; On the one hand, focus on innovative research and development, and on project investment on the other hand; In party building, we should focus on the leadership of the party and comprehensive and strict governance of the party, fully mobilize the leadership team at all levels, party members, cadres, and all employees of the group to face difficulties with a full mental state and strong sense of struggle, and strive to start a new business, contributing to the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern metropolis.
The main person in charge of the holding company of the group made a communication speech.