Dynamic | Intelligent Manufacturing Empowerment Jointly Draws Blueprint: Baili Equipment Group Exhibits at the 7th World Intelligent Conference

On May 18th, the 7th World Intelligent Conference was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). Baili Equipment Group, with the theme of "Green Energy Equipment Manufacturing Group", participated in the collective exhibition with its latest intelligent products, showcasing the group's future direction in the field of intelligent equipment for all sectors of society. The Group took this opportunity to participate in the smart conference, invited major strategic customers, Tsinghua University and other well-known universities, Luban Workshop teachers and students to visit the site, further promoting technical exchanges, research and development cooperation and project implementation.

On the opening day, Wu Jiejun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Baili Equipment Group, and Luo Xiaoli, President of Otis China, jointly walked into the exhibition area of Baili Equipment Group. Under the guidance of the lecturer, they visited the green and intelligent new products and technologies of the group's affiliated enterprises. Wu Jiejun said, "This participation in the World Intelligent Conference provides a platform for the group to showcase its achievements and communicate. Baili Equipment Group has more than 70 years of industrial accumulation, and intelligent manufacturing empowers Baili Equipment to develop new advantages. We hope that both sides can expand communication and cooperation, seize development opportunities, and jointly make new contributions to Tianjin and China's positive development This platform allows us to understand investment opportunities in intelligence in Tianjin and even across the country. Our Tianjin factory is accelerating the development of a digital green ecosystem throughout the entire industry chain, continuously developing innovative products that integrate cloud technology and Internet of Things technology, and continuously investing in intelligent manufacturing. We look forward to further cooperation with Baili Equipment Group in the future
In the exhibition hall of Baili Equipment Group, the listed company Baili Tejing displayed a variety of intelligent, environmental friendly and energy-saving new products. Its high-performance Screw pump and high-voltage electrical cabinet products attracted customers' attention by virtue of their technical performance and quality. Through negotiations with Tianjin Pump Machinery, it successfully signed a feed pump project with Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Baili Switch signed a water treatment switch cabinet project with Ningxia Baofeng Energy Storage Materials Co., Ltd, The contract amount is nearly 25 million yuan.
At the conference, Tianjin International Machinery and Zhuolang Technology had in-depth exchanges and discussions, fully leveraging the advantages of International Machinery in the development of heat exchange units and Zhuolang Technology in the research and development of contract energy management and control platforms, jointly developing products and markets, providing solutions for urban smart heating, and reaching strategic cooperation intentions.
Tianfa Heavy Hydropower invited experts and professors from Tsinghua University, Xi'an University of Technology, Yellow River Survey, Planning, Design and Research Institute and other universities and research institutes to visit the exhibition hall of the Group, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the future development direction of hydropower field, research and development in the field of pumped storage, and reached consensus around deepening cooperation and research and development between enterprises, universities and research institutes. The Tianjin Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology and the Tianjin Vocational and Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, affiliated with the group, also led teachers and students from the Madagascar Luban Workshop and the Portugal Luban Workshop to visit and exchange ideas in the exhibition area, showcasing the achievements of the intelligent manufacturing industry of Baili Equipment Group, and enabling teachers and students from overseas cooperative universities to better perceive China and understand Tianjin.