Dynamic | Conduct in-depth research on joint ventures, deepen planning and win-win cooperation

  Our city's "Ten Actions" and other national strategies, as well as our city's strategy, aim to achieve new breakthroughs in the high-quality development of enterprises.
At Daqiao Welding Materials Company, Wu Jiejun conducted on-site inspections of the welding wire and welding rod production workshops to understand the production process, raw material supply, automation level, production capacity, and scale of welding wires and welding rods. It is pointed out that we should firmly grasp the core technology in our own hands, enhance the automation, intelligence, and scale of production lines, enhance core competitiveness and enhance core functions, expand and strengthen the position and scale of the welding material industry, and demonstrate new contributions in the implementation of our city's "Ten Actions".
At Shensteel Motor Company, Wu Jiejun inspected the assembly workshop winding process, machining workshop processing and pouring process, motor workshop servo motor brake assembly, and carefully inquired about product process, glue ratio, core technology, etc. It is pointed out that technological research and development should be maintained in an insatiable state. Only when there is no one can we have it, and when there is someone who is superior, can we remain invincible in the market. To seize market orders, expand product market share, and continuously improve the profitability of enterprises. It is necessary to strengthen market-oriented thinking, boldly think about and actively participate in key national areas, actively dock with CRRC and other central enterprises, and actively seek project cooperation opportunities.
At Prysman Company, Wu Jiejun listened to the company's newly developed mining cables and port machinery cable products in recent years, and understood the technical characteristics and advantages of the products; Visit cross-linking production lines, rubber cable production lines, laboratories, and raw material workshops. It is pointed out that it is necessary to practice internal skills and improve technology, further tap into the company's unique technological advantages, enhance professional technical level, and enhance core competitiveness. We should make full use of professional platforms such as exhibitions and chambers of commerce, fully engage in interactive communication at both the business and market levels, and enhance market recognition and visibility. We need to increase market development efforts, proactively connect with strategic key customers, maintain close contact, closely monitor key projects, and intervene and follow up in advance. To enhance the basic management of enterprises, strengthen the improvement of workshop production sites and factory environment, and improve the efficiency of modern management of enterprises.