Dynamic | Transforming Concepts, Strengthening Services, and Better Playing the Important Supporting Role of Joint Ventures

On May 24th, the group held a joint venture work symposium. Wu Jiejun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, emphasized the need to change ideological concepts, establish service-oriented management, attach greater importance to joint ventures, better serve them, and fully leverage the important supporting role of joint ventures in the high-quality development of the Group. Zhao Jiuzhan, Deputy General Manager of the group, presided over the meeting. The group dispatched equity representatives from joint ventures, and relevant department heads from the headquarters attended the meeting.
Wu Jiejun pointed out that reform and opening up are the key measures that determine the fate of contemporary China. A group of joint ventures, including Otis, Siemens, and others, are not only participants and witnesses of China's reform and opening up, but also beneficiaries of the dividends of reform and opening up. With the reform and opening up, joint ventures have achieved rapid development. Entering the new era, the door of China's opening up will only become wider and wider, with more and more development opportunities and market opportunities. We hope that joint ventures can continue to expand investment in Tianjin, treat the Chinese market as a new technology and product, and work together with Baili Group to "add color" and "add scale" to the high-quality development of Tianjin's manufacturing industry.
Wu Jiejun emphasized that joint ventures have made significant contributions to the development of the group. In the face of new requirements for high-quality development, the whole group needs to change their mindset and promote the development of joint ventures through service-oriented management. Firstly, we need to enhance the position of joint ventures in the group. Incorporate joint ventures as an important component of the group into strategic planning, conduct annual research on the development of joint ventures, and promptly respond and resolve the development demands raised by joint ventures. Secondly, we need to strengthen high-level communication and exchange. The leadership team of the group should visit more relatives and meet more with the leaders of the joint venture party, fully discuss China's development opportunities, Tianjin's business environment and location advantages, and the decision-making and deployment of our city's "Ten Actions", and convey the determination and measures of the group to support the development of the joint venture, so that the joint venture party has more confidence in taking root and developing in Tianjin. Thirdly, we need to do a good job in providing services to joint ventures. Fully leverage the advantages of state-owned enterprises in the group, and focus on market expansion, policy promotion, and access to scientific research resources for the development of joint ventures.
Wu Jiejun emphasized that expatriate equity representatives should effectively play a role. To find a precise role positioning, it is to act as a connecting bridge, work together for development, fulfill one's responsibilities and showcase one's style, and not touch the bottom line. To be a good connecting bridge is to become a bridge and bond between both shareholders. Working together for development is to drive both shareholders to think and use their strengths together, and jointly promote the development of the joint venture. To fulfill one's duties and showcase one's demeanor is to strengthen one's ability to handle tasks and achieve success. The bottom line cannot be touched, it is to safeguard the interests of the country, shareholders, and employees. We need to meet four requirements. Firstly, we need to strengthen our learning.   Secondly, communication should be done well. Strengthen information communication with shareholders, joint venture management team, and group headquarters. Thirdly, we need to play a role. Fulfill the responsibilities assigned by the group, fulfill the identity of the joint venture, and strive to satisfy the group, convince the other party, and win glory for Baili. Fourth, demonstrate proficiency. Work should have wisdom and strategy, fully consider the lifestyle, work habits, and cultural habits of foreign shareholders, and fulfill the tasks assigned by the group with dedication and responsibility.
Representatives of joint venture companies such as Otis, Shensteel Electric, Aixin Tianjin, Daqiao Welding Materials, Dongfang Blade, and Prysman made exchange speeches.