Consolidating Ideological Consensus and Embodying Responsibility - The Group Holds a Youth Cadre Learning and Exchange Symposium

 By studying and reading activities, everyone can further strengthen their political beliefs, enhance their political thinking, and enhance their political abilities; Further emancipate the mind, update concepts, and open the "door of the brain"; Further deepen the understanding of theory, actively integrate practice, and enhance the ability to see practical results. The exchange and speech were positive and enthusiastic, with a warm atmosphere, achieving the goal and effect of learning to understand and gain, promoting each other, and improving together.
The meeting emphasized that young cadres should set an example of learning and effectively learn from the principles
Put effort into discussing and solving problems; We must set an example in politics and make practical efforts to exercise strict party spirit and solidify loyalty to the party; We must set an example of upholding integrity, effectively focus on upholding party spirit and principles, and be brave in taking responsibility and achieving results. With an unwavering spirit of struggle, we strive to contribute to the reform and development of the group.