Arrangement for Carrying out the Activity of "Bravely Undertaking Social Responsibility and Interpreting the Responsibility of State Owned Enterprises"

Party committees (general branches, branches) of various units under the group:
In order to conscientiously implement the work deployment of the central and municipal party committees on deepening the practical activity of "I do practical things for the people", and in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission's party committee, the activity of "bravely assuming social responsibility and interpreting the responsibility of state-owned enterprises" is now organized in the group system as follows:
1、 Purpose and significance
  It is a concrete manifestation of conscientiously implementing the spirit of the National Party Building Association for State owned Enterprises and fully fulfilling the economic, political, and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises; It is a vivid practice of solidly practicing the principle that "the mountains and rivers are the people, and the people are the mountains and rivers", standing firm in the people's position, cultivating a strong sense of belonging to the people, enhancing people's well-being, conforming to public opinion, resolving people's concerns, doing practical things, and benefiting people's livelihoods. By deepening the activities of "bravely shouldering social responsibility and interpreting the responsibility of state-owned enterprises", we will promote party organizations at all levels to fully play their leadership role, unite their hearts, and take responsibility. We will lead party members and cadres to practice the fundamental purpose of the Party in the practical activity of "I do practical things for the people", closely monitor the "urgent and difficult" problems around the people, and solve grassroots difficulties and troubles with heart and effort, and bring practical and good things to the hearts of the people, Let the workers and the masses feel the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises firsthand, and promote new progress and results in the practical activity of "I do practical things for the people".
2、 Key Tasks
Each unit should conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the Central Committee, Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission's Party Committee regarding the practical activity of "I do practical things for the masses", focus on providing high-quality product services, safeguarding employee rights and interests, and fulfilling social responsibilities to achieve practical results. It is necessary to closely combine the actual situation of the unit, adhere to the principle of "one enterprise, one policy", and clarify the direction of efforts for the unit to carry out the activity of "bravely bearing social responsibilities and interpreting the responsibility of state-owned enterprises".
(1) Carry out practical work around the implementation of the new development concept. Deeply implement the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, accelerate the optimization of the layout and structural adjustment of the state-owned economy, focus on winning the battle for mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and strengthen the management of participating enterprises. Strengthen the intelligent construction of the platforms of Xinhao and Taikang companies, firmly promote the international machinery, electromechanical import and export, and the mixed transformation of Peiheng Company. Seize the window of cooperation between central enterprises, fully promote the innovative development of Tianforging Company, carefully plan and implement the comprehensive reform of Tianfa Hydropower Company, and effectively promote the transformation and development of state-owned enterprises.
(2) Focusing on improving the skills and qualities of employees and doing practical things. Focusing on the new positioning of the main business, highlighting the market-oriented direction, following modern enterprise management, and combining the needs of employees and the development needs of the group, we will carry out training on "professionalization shaping and vocational skill enhancement" to enhance the professionalism, specialization, and skill level of employees, and cultivate a high-quality talent team that adapts to the transformation and development of the group. By researching and developing practical and feasible employee training plans, a virtuous cycle of "employee training skills improvement enterprise development" is gradually formed, comprehensively improving the quality of employees and adapting to the reform and development of enterprises.
(3) Focus on caring for and caring for the employees and the masses, and do practical things. Consolidate and expand the effectiveness of the "Celebrating the Centennial of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and Sending Warmth" activity, and focus on solving the most concerned, direct, and practical interests of the workers and masses. Party organizations at all levels should take the initiative to prevent and resolve prominent issues that are strongly reflected by the masses, strictly implement the supervision and package system for petition work, and do a good job in resolving backlog cases. Party members and leading cadres at all levels should play a pioneering and exemplary role, "visiting households" with emotions and responsibilities, observing the people's situation to send warmth, and helping to solve the "urgent and difficult" problem of the workers and masses. Each unit should dynamically improve and timely sort out the "two lists" to ensure the implementation of key projects and the resolution of employee and public demands.
3、 Job requirements
(1) Improve political standing and strengthen organizational leadership. Each unit's party organization should conscientiously implement the main responsibility of the party committee and the "first responsible person" responsibility of the party organization secretary, incorporate the "bravely assuming social responsibility and interpreting the responsibility of state-owned enterprises" activity into the important agenda of the party committee, strengthen organizational leadership, consolidate work responsibilities, and fully promote the implementation of various tasks. The leadership groups for learning and educating party history in various units should attach great importance to carrying out activities such as "bravely assuming social responsibility and interpreting the responsibility of state-owned enterprises", further deepening the practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses" in party history learning and education, and achieving significant results in doing practical things and opening up new situations.
(2) Dare to take on responsibilities and strive for practical results in activities. Party organizations at all levels should conduct in-depth research and analysis on the common needs, widespread problems, pain points and difficulties that need to be addressed in development, and historical issues that have not been resolved for a long time, in order to promote the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises and strive to break through and solve the demands and concerns of the workers and the masses. We should fully leverage the role of grassroots party organizations as battle fortresses and exemplary role models for party members, starting from the most difficult masses, tackling the most prominent problems, and starting from the most practical interests, so that the "party flag flies high on the frontline at the grassroots level". Members of the leadership team at all levels should lead the way and set an example, take the lead in handling "tough" issues, guide Party members and cadres to bravely take on responsibilities, make contributions based on their own positions, and carry out activities with collective planning and efforts.
(3) Improve work style and showcase the image of state-owned enterprises.   We will resolutely abstain from formalism and bureaucracy, avoid formalism and formalism, and effectively strengthen the organization, train Party members, and unite the masses through this activity, continuously strengthening the flesh and blood connection between the Party and the people.
Baili Group Party History Learning and Education Office
October 9, 2021