Report on the Democratic life meeting of the Leading Group of the Party Committee of Tianjin Baili Mechanical Equipment Group Co., Ltd

Party Committee (General Branch, Branch) of Enterprises and Public Institutions under the Group:
According to the requirements of the Notice of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee Organization Department, the CPC Tianjin Municipal Leading Group Office for Party History Learning and Education on the Democratic life meeting of Party History Learning and Education, the leading group of the Group Party Committee held the Democratic life meeting of Party History Learning and Education on January 29, 2022. The Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group presided over the meeting and conducted a comparative inspection on behalf of the Group's leadership team. They took the lead in self-criticism and made a summary. The members of the leadership team attended the meeting and delivered speeches, conducting serious, pragmatic and honest mutual criticism and self-criticism. Wu Jiejun, Leader of the Supervision Group of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission; Niu Zongjiu, member of the supervision group and director of the Party Committee Organization Department of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission; Wu Dongming, Second Level Chief Staff Member of the Cadre Division 6 of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee; Mei Fengqi, the leader of the Supervision and Inspection Team of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team stationed in Bohai Chemical Group; Zhang Yan, a member of the Supervision and Inspection Team of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the chief staff member of the First Supervision and Inspection Office of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection; Li He, Deputy Director of the First Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group stationed in Bohai Chemical Group, attended the meeting to supervise and provide comments. The relevant situation is hereby reported as follows.
1、 Carefully organize and prepare for the meeting
The Party Committee of the Group regards it as an important political task to hold the Democratic life meeting on the study and education of the Party history, deeply grasp the theme of the Democratic life meeting, fully prepare before the meeting, widely solicit opinions, carefully organize and arrange, repeatedly improve the materials, and earnestly do a good job in each link.
(1) Deeply study and discuss, unify thinking and understanding. Before the meeting, the theoretical learning center group of the group party committee specially printed and distributed the learning materials of the Democratic life meeting.     We will further study the Party Constitution, Several Guidelines for Inner Party Political Life in the New Situation, the Regulations of the CPC on Inner Party Supervision, the Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Party's Centennial Achievements and Historical Experience and other intra party laws and regulations, and effectively improve political judgment, political understanding and political execution.   The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group takes the lead in learning the relevant contents of the Party Constitution, and organizes collective discussions to further deepen understanding and unify ideas, so as to lay a solid ideological foundation for the annual special Democratic life meeting.
(2) Effectively promote democracy and widely solicit opinions. In order to hold a good Democratic life meeting, around the theme and work requirements of this special Democratic life meeting, the leadership of the Group insisted on promoting democracy and open the door to accept advice. In combination with the reform and development of the Group and the key tasks of the "14th Five Year Plan", the Secretary of the Group's Party Committee widely listened to the views of party members and cadres, "two representatives and one committee member" and the masses of workers, and issued a written request for comments to 29 enterprises and institutions and departments of the headquarters, collecting 66 suggestions and comments, After summarizing and sorting, there are a total of 27 articles. Among them, there are 8 leadership teams and 19 team members involved in the group. The solicited opinions are fed back to the leadership team and team members in their original form, and fully absorbed into the leadership team's comparative inspection materials and team members' speech materials. At the same time, the team members strengthened the supervision and guidance of the special Democratic life meeting of enterprises and public institutions at the contact point, and adhered to the principle of "one level, one level" to transmit pressure layer by layer. The team members extensively listened to the opinions of party members, cadres, and employees through in-depth heart to heart talks, carefully recorded the situation of heart to heart talks, and effectively identified the problems that exist in the leadership team.
(3) Conduct heart-to-heart conversations and carefully write materials. According to the requirements, the main responsible comrades of the group party committee and team members, between team members, between team members and responsible department heads, between team members and contact point unit leaders, and representatives of grassroots enterprise employees and masses, as well as between team members and party branch party members, on the basis of in-depth heart to heart talks,   Combining the implementation of the ideological responsibility system in the field of responsibility, inspection and audit feedback, as well as extensive solicitation of opinions and conducting heart to heart talks, we will search and sort out each item to identify outstanding problems. We will conduct a systematic political examination, which not only presents facts and explains the situation, but also deeply analyzes party spirit, and sees people, things, and ideas. The leadership team of the group and party members and cadres have carefully and thoroughly identified prominent problems, gaps, and deficiencies, deeply analyzed the root causes, clarified rectification measures, drafted materials for comparison and inspection by the leadership team, and have been collectively studied and approved by the leadership team; The team members carefully write their personal speech outline, strictly review and control it, propose modification suggestions, and carefully revise and improve it.
2、 Implementation of rectification measures for the special Democratic life meeting in 2020


The leading group of the Group found out 6 problems in the special Democratic life meeting meeting in 2020, formulated 11 rectification measures, promoted them one by one, and implemented them. All the rectification has been completed.The main tasks include:

One is to strengthen ideological and theoretical armed forces.   Deeply promote the study and education of Party history, carry out practical activities such as "I do practical things for the people", and use the "Bai Li Qun Sheng" activity as a carrier to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the staff at multiple levels and dimensions.
The second is to unite the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. We have solidly carried out the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, focusing on accelerating and strengthening key reform tasks, and the completion progress of all key tasks has exceeded 90%. One enterprise, one policy promotes the mixed reform of enterprises, and two more enterprises have made positive progress in the mixed reform work. Efforts will be made to strengthen the restructuring and clearance of enterprises, and the assessment indicators of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission will be completed ahead of schedule. Actively activating idle and inefficient assets, with a revenue of over 100 million yuan.
The third is to exert the main responsibility of the Party committee. Promote the implementation of feedback and rectification work from the Central Inspection Municipal Committee, complete all rectification tasks, and continue to deepen progress; We have solidly carried out the "Risk Control Quality Engineering" and formed the "Three Ones" internal control system; Sign a Party building work goal responsibility letter for one enterprise, one policy; Promote the Party organizations of affiliated units to develop responsibility lists and task lists based on actual situations; Research and develop measures for the Party committees of state-owned enterprises to integrate Party leadership into corporate governance, further standardize the decision-making procedures of the Party committees, board of directors, and management, clarify the functional positioning and operational rules of each governance entity, and effectively promote the institutionalization, standardization, and procedural integration of Party leadership into various aspects of corporate governance.
The fourth is to strengthen the construction of grassroots organizational strength. We will comprehensively implement the quality engineering of party building in state-owned enterprises, continuously improve the quality of party building work, and focus on focusing on key points, filling weaknesses, improving quality, and enhancing effectiveness. We will achieve standardization of daily party building work, projectization of key work, and branding of distinctive work. Seriously implement Party regulations, take political life within the Party seriously, straighten out the relationship between grassroots Party organizations, strictly change Party organizations on schedule, strictly control the quality of developing Party members, and continuously improve the quality of the "Three Meetings and One Lesson". Fully leverage the role of branch fortresses and party members as pioneers, solidly and effectively promote the Party organization secretary's focus on grassroots Party building work review and inspection, and effectively test the effectiveness of Party organization work based on the achievements of enterprise reform and development.
Fifth, strengthen the construction of the cadre team. Strictly implement the "twenty character" standard for good cadres in state-owned enterprises, strictly prioritize politics, establish a clear direction for personnel selection and appointment, and effectively promote compound outstanding talents who are politically oriented, innovative, market savvy, capable of management, showing spirit, responsible, ambitious, and entrepreneurial achievements. They are not only good at leading the team, but also good at strategic planning and decision-making, and familiar with business management. The focus is on adjusting the leadership team of state-owned enterprises and the expatriate leaders of participating enterprises. Three people are promoted, 43 people are adjusted and exchanged, and four young cadres are selected to exchange positions and undergo on-the-job training in the enterprise. This further optimizes the team structure and enhances the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team.
Sixth, we must adhere to serving the workers and the masses. Adhering to the development concept of putting the people at the center, we will deeply carry out the practical activity of "I do practical things for the people", focusing on the urgent and anxious issues involving employees in the process of enterprise mixed reform and clearance exit. We will use our hearts and emotions to solve them well, and effectively enhance employees' sense of gain, happiness, and security. Firmly grasping the most direct and practical interests of employees in the reform and development of enterprises, we will continue to make efforts to respond to the expectations of cadres and employees with visible changes, and share the achievements of reform and development. Increase the normalization of assistance to employees in difficult enterprises, and continue to implement various measures for precise assistance.
The seventh is to continue to uphold the main tone of "strictness" and uphold discipline. Adhere to the political ecology of clearing and promoting, encourage responsible actions, continue to work hard on the "Three Clearances", organize party members and leading cadres to watch warning education videos, resolutely eliminate the negative influence of Li Fuming, Peng Sanhe, Zhang Wenli, and Wu Shuyuan of the group, and resolutely eliminate circle culture and humanism. Deeply study and understand the spirit of the city's Party member and cadre warning education conference, continue to carry out political discipline, organizational discipline, and anti-corruption discipline education, and create a clean and upright political ecology. Utilize the "first form" of effective supervision and discipline enforcement, promptly remind and correct potential and tendentious issues, strictly implement accountability measures, strengthen diligent and honest guidance and case warning education, and educate and guide party members and cadres to tighten disciplinary rules.
Eight is to strengthen the Party's comprehensive leadership over state-owned enterprises. Deeply grasp the importance of the country, strengthen the responsibility from the political height and Value judgment of state-owned enterprises, promote the deep integration of enterprise party building and production and operation, explore the "integration" mode of grass-roots party building, and lead high-quality development with high-quality party building. Seriously implement the requirement of "two in one", promote the institutionalization, standardization, and procedural integration of party leadership into corporate governance, effectively transform the advantages of enterprise party building into high-quality development advantages, and provide strong political guarantees for strengthening, optimizing, and expanding state-owned enterprises.
3、 Seriously and seriously, conduct in-depth criticism and self-criticism
The members of the leading group of the Group made speeches one by one on the theme of "vigorously carrying forward the great spirit of Party building, adhering to and developing the historical experience of the Party's centennial struggle, strengthening historical self-confidence, fulfilling the mission of the times, cultivating feelings for the people, being brave to take the responsibility, and uniting and leading the staff to take a new road to the examination" in the Democratic life meeting, with serious self-criticism, direct and pertinent mutual criticism, and practical rectification measures, It fully embodies a high level of political consciousness, reflects the spirit of being serious and responsible to the party, the enterprise, the team, and comrades, and has achieved the effect of biting ears, pulling sleeves, blushing and sweating. It has achieved the effects of self-education, building consensus, and promoting work, creating a good atmosphere of practicality, honesty, unity, and harmony. Everyone explained the implementation of rectification measures, ideological responsibility system and confidentiality responsibility system, personal affairs report, public reflection, patrol inspection feedback, organization interview correspondence, economic responsibility audit, etc. of the 2020 Special Democratic life meeting Conference item by item, and expressed that they should be strict in self-discipline and more actively accept organizational supervision and public supervision.
4、 Problem oriented, serious development of corrective measures
  And rectification measures have been studied and developed.

  • Main problems and manifestations
      Firmly adhere to "Confidence doctrine" and achieve "two maintenance". First, there is a gap in the consciousness of transforming "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards" into "two maintenance". We must firmly achieve political identity, ideological identity, emotional identity, and benchmarking with the high standards of the central and municipal Party committees. There is a gap between the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and action consciousness of the "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards" and the "two maintenance". We have not fully understood the theoretical logic, historical logic, and practical logic of the "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards", There is a lack of practical and hard measures in transforming learning achievements into new driving forces for promoting the reform and development of the group. The lack of comprehensive and systematic thinking and effective measures on how to let party members and cadres further understand and correctly grasp the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological field, thoroughly eliminate Historical nihilism, and prevent the diversification of guiding ideology through the implementation of the "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards", so that party members and cadres have shortcomings and shortcomings in improving their historical self-confidence, theoretical consciousness, political consciousness and other aspects. The second is that education and guidance for party members and cadres to establish a correct view of party history are not in place. Through studying the history of the Communist Party of China, we deeply reflect on the success or failure of Baili and its current difficulties. The "small, scattered, weak, old, and slow" problems faced by the group's reform and development, as well as the reality of missed opportunities, lost development periods, and missed window periods, all lack deep thinking on the political causes of economic results, and lack systematic, foresight, and creativity in grasping historical laws and trends. The confidence and boldness of starting from the study of the history of the Party is insufficient, ignoring the establishment of the correct historical materialism and the correct historical view of the Party, overcoming Historical nihilism, and there is a weak link in "stressing the official history". Some party members and cadres have failed to analyze and understand the party's history from a political perspective, correctly view the current situation of Baili, and effectively clarify the reform path; Failure to summarize strategic strategies for addressing difficulties and challenges from historical experience; The failure to fully transform the effectiveness of studying Party history into learning historical and dialectical thinking, utilizing the spirit of historical initiative, enhancing historical responsibility, and strengthening the political judgment, understanding, and execution ability of improving the quality of development.
    Take the lead in keeping in mind the fundamental issue of what our Party is and what it wants to do, keep in mind the "big man of the country", implement the new development concept, perform their duties and take responsibility, take the lead in the sample industry in this field internationally and domestically, pay attention to, practice and do good deeds, focus on the prevention and control of the COVID-19, maintain economic development, deepen reform and opening up, maintain social stability and other ongoing work, bear difficulties, take risks, and work hard, Fully implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee. One is that there is a gap in political leadership.   The political judgment, comprehension, and execution ability to further unify the thoughts, will, and actions of all party members in the group system are insufficient. Faced with the rectification issues raised by inspections and audits, the courage to challenge and push for rectification with thunderous momentum is not effective enough, the courage to work hard and solve difficult problems is not firm, and the effective action to bear difficulties is weak; The quality and efficiency of promoting the mixed reform of core enterprises through party building work are not high enough. In 2020, 6 of the 11 core enterprises completed the mixed reform, and in 2021, 2 made progress. There are still 4 households that have not made progress, and there is a lack of broad thinking in the "four guidance" approach, a lack of political responsibility in solving historical problems that should be "historical initiative" and a conscious action of "innovation". Secondly, the comprehensive, complete, and accurate implementation of the new development concept is not in place. In transforming the new development concept into a way of thinking that leads high-quality development, there is a lack of proactive thinking and active practice. It is not possible to use the new development concept in a timely and effective manner to think, examine, research and analyze work, comprehensively, completely, and accurately implement the new development concept, fully understand the positive significance of dual carbon development, lack systematicity, scientificity, and continuity, and the focus of work is not prominent enough, the path is not clear enough, and the promotion is not strong enough. Focusing on the main business, actively integrating into the Dual circulation, building a strong city by serving the manufacturing industry, and promoting the reform, transformation and development of the Group is not bold, fast, and effective; Expanding capacity in emerging industries, empowering technological innovation, tapping into potential in stock revitalization, and lacking strategic, systematic, and forward-looking research and planning in improving energy levels in joint ventures and cooperation; There is a significant gap in transforming the spirit and spirit of knowing the heavy load and overcoming difficulties into work effectiveness. There is a lack of high standards and determination to compete for the top in the international and domestic competitions, and the group's effective path and measures for "reduction, inventory, and increment" three quantity coordination are not enough. The awareness of seizing opportunities is not strong, and there is a lack of high tension and conscious thinking and action of "arrow in the right direction".
    Take the lead in implementing the people centered development idea, respect the will of the masses, carry out in-depth practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses", continue to deepen the "report to the masses" and "four walks", solve problems for the masses, effectively guarantee and improve people's livelihood, continue to promote Common prosperity to make more tangible and substantial progress, and effectively enhance the sense of happiness and security of the masses, Ensure that the Party always maintains flesh and blood ties with the people. There is a gap in meeting the new expectations of the people. The new expectations of the staff and workers in the new era were not studied and judged in a timely manner, were not fully grasped, and the new needs of the staff and workers for the diversification and personalization of Material culture life were not fully recognized and systematically grasped, especially in the face of the new requirements of the complex and specific interests of the current staff and workers, as well as the new goals of diversity and personalized differences, in the process of planning development and overall planning, Failure to scientifically and reasonably balance various groups. Baili has a large number of enterprises in difficulty, a large number of employees in difficulty, and a low income of employees. It promotes all employees to achieve the goal of Common prosperity. The overall planning is insufficient, the measures are not many, the continuous efforts are not strong, and the results are not obvious; In the process of promoting the mixed reform of the group, the efficiency of sorting out and analyzing common issues, formulating and improving relevant policies, and promoting solutions is not high. For some personality issues, there are not many practical and effective measures that meet policy requirements and are not afraid of being taken advantage of by the people. There is not enough temperature and effort on how to enhance the sense of gain of the employees and the masses through struggle and sharing, and how to convert the dividends of reform and development into the happiness index of people's livelihoods. The second is the uneven promotion of the practical activities of "I do practical things for the people". In the process of promoting practical activities, the actual needs of the workers and the masses were not comprehensively and systematically considered, mainly manifested in paying more attention to key issues of concern to the workers and the masses, solving sensitive problems quickly, and addressing difficult issues left over from history with insufficient effort, low efficiency, slow progress, and incomplete problem-solving. Baili has many historical legacy issues, which involve the most concerned, direct, and practical interests of its employees. The strong measures and effective tactics that have been put in place to effectively solve these problems are not effective enough, and there is a fear of turning over old accounts and provoking new ones; The number of individual visits of the Group is still high, reflecting that the problems are mainly focused on four kinds of leftover problems, namely, industrial injury, enterprise housing, special post retirement and enterprise restructuring. There are not enough "toolkits" to solve employees' worries, worries and worries, and the "Scalpel" is not sharp enough. The toughness of the first step is not enough, and there is a clear gap between the new expectations of employees.
    Taking the lead in learning and utilizing the rich experience of the Party in successfully responding to risks and challenges in different historical periods, enhancing awareness of crisis, maintaining strategic composure, improving abilities and abilities, daring and skilled in struggle, and continuously achieving new victories and glory. One is that the ability to recognize, adapt, and seek change in response to risk challenges is not strong. Faced with the overall shrinkage of the group's scale, weak main business, low development quality and efficiency, and declining market competitiveness, the team's lack of ideological liberation, weak ability to recognize and respond to risks and challenges, and ineffective thinking and methods of accurately identifying, scientifically adapting, and actively seeking change; The implementation of the key tasks of the three-year action plan to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises has been elusive, and some of the reform tasks have only achieved digital indicators. There is still a long way to go before real reform can be implemented. The level of corporate governance capability and governance is dwarfed by the development needs of modern enterprises and the requirements of the new era situation and tasks. The awareness and urgency of improving the modern enterprise system are not strong enough, and there is a gap in adhering to the "two in one" principle. Secondly, the political responsibility for active struggle is not strong. Make every effort to crack the Tianfa Hydropower and win the turn around battle. There are not many moves and the progress is slow; The promotion of mixed reform in enterprises such as Peiheng, Electromechanical Import and Export, and Hydraulic Group is weak, and the sense of urgency for reform is not enough. The anti cyclical fighting spirit of real and hard action is insufficient; The efforts to solve the "endemic diseases" and "personality diseases" of formalism bureaucracy in Baili are not strong enough, and the ruthlessness is insufficient. The efforts to rectify the difficult problems in losing control and management are insufficient, and the fighting spirit is not strong. There is a lack of courage and determination to fight, be good at fighting, and hold on tightly; The determination and severity to crack down on the mental state of the cadre team being offline, not paying enough attention to their duties, and not updating their ideological concepts are insufficient.

5. Take the lead in deeply learning the positive and negative experiences in the history of the Party, fulfill the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, take a clear stand in politics, strictly abide by the political discipline and rules of the Party, implement the spirit of the Eight-point Regulation of the Central Committee and its implementation rules, continue to vigorously correct the "four styles", cultivate new styles, resolutely oppose formalistic bureaucracy, strengthen the supervision of the "top leaders" and the leadership, and resolutely fight against all violations of discipline and laws. First, the political determination of self revolution Always on the Road is not firm. The historical legacy issues of the group have not been comprehensively resolved, and the construction of political culture still has a long way to go. Further deepening the special governance of formalism, bureaucracy, and non action and non responsibility issues is not thorough, and there are two interviews with the group system on issues with initial tendencies; Against the wind, violations of the Eight-point Regulation and the spirit of their implementation rules still occur, and the root cause of the "four wind" problem has not been removed, and the soil is still there. To eliminate the negative influence of Li Fuming, Peng Sanhe Group, Zhang Wenli, and Wu Shuyuan, we remind education to urge cadres and employees to take cases as a warning, and to continuously consolidate and expand the normalization of the alarm bell. At present, the number of various types of petitions and petitions reported by the group is still high. After preliminary verification, 4 cases have been transferred and 4 people have been filed, 7 cases have been closed, and 7 people have been punished, indicating that the political ecological construction of the group is far from reaching the level of Haiyan and Heqing. To purify the political ecology through the "three cleanups", the lack of political courage and rigidity in discipline and rules, as well as the lack of depth and strength in addressing the root cause, as well as the lack of courage in wielding the sword, have hindered the speed of efforts to rectify chaos and clean up. Secondly, the role of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party as a political guarantee is not prominent. The integration of party building work and economic work is not high, especially in the implementation of enterprise mixed reform tasks, the initiative to plan ahead is not enough, the guarantee to promote implementation is not strong, and the combat effectiveness to overcome difficulties is insufficient. The role of party building work in promoting the spirit and blood of scholars, stirring up ideological concepts, and providing conceptual guidance for reform and development is insufficient. Strengthening party leadership and building is not well connected with enterprise reform and development; The Party committee has insufficient control over the direction, overall management, and promotion of implementation, and lacks effective methods and measures; Inadequate fulfillment of supervisory responsibilities, inadequate implementation of supervisory methods and effectiveness towards top leaders and teams, unclear role of peer supervision, inadequate daily supervision, and inadequate political supervision.
(2) Analysis of the causes of existing problems
1. Theoretical armed thinking lacks the depth of learning, thinking, and practice.   The effectiveness of the work led by the Party committee is not significant. It is not enough to think deeply and understand deeply through theory, implement the system of "the first issue" is not deep and practical, and does not give full play to the use of the latest Scientific theory of the Party to optimize thinking methods, solve ideological puzzles, and does not give full play to learning and doing, to guide the group's reform and transformation and high-quality development.
2. The "main switch" of ideals and beliefs is not tightly or solidly tightened. Using innovative theories to refine party spirit and strengthen beliefs is not enough, and further improving political judgment, understanding, and execution is not strong. Faced with the new stage, new concepts, and new patterns, the team lacks the perseverance to firmly grasp the green mountains, the resilience to seek solutions to major issues such as reform, development, and stability, and the determination to struggle in the face of major issues such as right and wrong, principle issues, and risk challenges. This has led to a decline in ideals and beliefs, leading to a relaxation of self purification, self-improvement, self-improvement, and self-improvement.
3. The awareness of deepening the people-centered purpose is not firmly established. The strengthening of public servant awareness and feelings for the people is not strong enough, and the consciousness and determination to fulfill the Party's original mission and do a good job in mass work are not obvious. The idea of truly serving the people when thinking and doing things is not thorough, and the idea of "not afraid of the people taking advantage" is not thorough. There is a gap between asking for needs from the people, asking for plans from the people, and asking for results from the people. There is a lack of on-site awareness when delving into practical grounding and researching grassroots issues, as well as a lack of empathy and empathy when conducting in-depth research and directly listening to public opinions and interests. To address the issue of employee interest demands, we have not achieved the goal of "unlocking one lock with one key", and have not truly communicated with the employees and the masses. We have devoted our efforts to putting the urgent needs and hopes of the masses in our hearts and hands, and have not become an internal consciousness. Our service capabilities are not strong.
4. The political determination of self revolution is not strong. The forging of political ability is not strong and powerful, and the training and practical experience of political ability lack a sense of urgency and self-awareness. From a political perspective, the sensitivity and discernment to analyze the economic situation, analyze work problems, and promote work are not strong. The role of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party in political guidance and political support is not prominent, and the ability to guide direction, plan the overall situation, set policies, and promote reform is not strong. Without deeply reflecting on the success or failure of Baili through studying Party history, Baili's current difficulties, Baili's reform and development, lack of courage to self expose scars, lack of confidence and determination to become better, stronger, and larger state-owned enterprises, lack of ability and skills, and failure to truly achieve high standards and strict requirements, be brave after being ashamed, and accelerate development. The deterrent effect of adhering to the principle of not daring to corrupt is not obvious, the institutional cage that cannot corrupt is not reliable, the political consciousness that does not want to corrupt is not strong, the effective carrier and practical path of integration are not clear, and the political ecology of the group has not yet reached a state of tranquility and clarity. The "ideological benchmark" that dares to be honest has relaxed, and the spirit of struggle without seeking refuge has weakened.

(3) Efforts and rectification measures
1. Strengthen ideological guidance and uphold the spirit of struggle. One is to adhere to and improve the "first issue" system.   Further strengthen the political consciousness of the majority of Party members and cadres to defend the "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards" and achieve the "two maintenance", and make it the spiritual banner leading the reform and development of the Group. The second is to strengthen historical confidence and gather people's hearts to boost morale.   Translate the achievements of Party history learning and education into a powerful driving force for enterprise development. The third is to focus on the key minority and firmly shoulder the main responsibility. Firmly grasp the "key minority", grasp the word "strict", focus on the word "management", reflect "comprehensive", and implement the main responsibility of the Party Committee, the supervision responsibility of the Discipline Inspection Commission, the responsibility of the Party Secretary as the first responsible person, and the "dual responsibilities" of team members in one position. We must implement the list of responsibilities and tasks for comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, issue oriented, and vigorously implement them, so that party organizations and party members at all levels and leading cadres can take the initiative to take on the political responsibility of managing the Party, take the road of catching up with the exam in the new era, and demonstrate the new atmosphere and new achievements of the Baili Group on the new journey. At the same time, further improve the level of corporate governance. Continuously strengthen the construction of the team and the "three meetings", pay attention to the follow-up and supervision system, continue to promote the deep integration of party building work and production and operation, create one or two fine management enterprise benchmarks, and strive to transform party building leadership into the core advantage of promoting the development of the group.
2. Promote transformation and upgrading, and accelerate reform and development. One is to accelerate transformation, improve quality, and increase efficiency. Taking the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform as the main line, taking advantage of the "dual carbon" goal, we will transform towards specialization, refinement, high-tech, and greening, and effectively work on improving quality and efficiency. We should take the listed company Baili Electric as a breakthrough point, strengthen and optimize the leading business sector of power transmission and transformation, plan green new energy projects, and make the listed company the leading industry company of the group. The second is to actively expand foreign cooperation. Strengthen cooperation with central and private enterprises in investment, manufacturing, research and development in the field of new equipment industry, take investment projects as the driving force, guide the development of key core components and intelligent equipment with independent core competitiveness, promote substantive steps in energy storage projects, accelerate the landing of high-end aerospace equipment projects, and strive to create a high-end equipment industry chain and new energy industry chain, and strive to plan, reserve, and start a batch, Continuously rolling forward to accelerate and strengthen the manufacturing industry in our city. The third is to empower the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. For existing existing existing enterprises, focus on the main business channel, support the fittest, advance and retreat, and gather asset resources towards strategic emerging industries and advantageous enterprises through mixed or re mixed reforms, mergers and acquisitions, and resource allocation adjustments. The fourth is to eliminate loss making subsidiaries. Gradually and orderly exit non main assets and businesses that do not have development advantages, promote "hematopoiesis" with "hemostasis", transform "bleeding" into "blood storage", achieve "slimming and health", improve asset capital efficiency, and achieve the development of the group's economy with higher quality, better efficiency, and better structure. In 2022, we will focus on promoting the exit of 53 enterprises, ensuring the completion of the exit tasks for 6 inefficient enterprises and 13 shell enterprises. The fifth is to continuously promote the "risk control quality engineering". Continue to "check the bottom of the family" and "manage the accounts well", resolutely prevent old risks from being eliminated and new risks from arising again, and firmly guard the bottom line of not incurring major risks. Always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, layer by layer compact responsibilities, resolutely implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and scientifically and accurately carry out epidemic prevention and control work.
3. Comprehensively deepen reform and increase vitality through the transition system. One is to deepen and promote the reform of the "three systems" of state-owned enterprises. Highlight the direction of marketization, follow modern enterprise management, improve and revise the performance evaluation and salary distribution system, focus on the new positioning of the main responsibility and main business, use performance as the link, assessment as the baton, and salary as the catalyst, to further release the "three abilities" mechanism. Establish and improve the assessment mechanism, strengthen the management and assessment of equity representatives of participating enterprises, promote the promotion of those who are capable, those who are equal, and those who are mediocre, and promote the formation of a service-oriented and entrepreneurial ecosystem that values merit, compares merit, and strengthens merit. The second is to implement classification and resolve corporate debt risks. Actively promoting the implementation of the comprehensive reform plan of Tianfa Hydropower Company, continuously strengthening team building, using refined management as the starting point, completely reversing the chaotic management situation, and timely promoting the introduction of powerful investment companies, making it a contributing enterprise to green energy. The third is to accelerate team building and promote project implementation. Guided by industry and corporate needs, we will explore the establishment of a "unveiling and leading" mechanism to promote the exploration of projects and team building in units such as Baili Electric, Tianforging Press, and Tianfa Hydropower. According to the requirements of "Tianjin+", based on the principles of "three factors, three suitability, and three heights", we adhere to the simultaneous development of "four introductions" of attracting investment, manufacturing, industry, and governance, to ensure substantive breakthroughs in the reform and transformation of Tianforging Press, Tianfa Hydropower, and Hydraulic Group; The reform and transformation of international machinery, electromechanical import and export, and Peiheng Company have made more significant progress.
4. Continuously rectify customs and discipline, and form a "closed loop" of supervision. One is to strictly adhere to the standards for selecting cadres. Strictly implement the "twenty character" standard for good cadres in state-owned enterprises, conscientiously implement the requirements of the central and municipal party committees for cadre and talent work, strictly prioritize politics, highlight the true use of capable officials and the true evaluation of achievements, take responsibility and practical work as the benchmark, form a clear guidance and personnel allocation mechanism that focuses on achieving success and problem-solving abilities, promote the supply side reform of the group's talent chain, and accelerate the forging of a loyal, professional, and efficient cadre team, Provide strong support for the transformation and development of the group. The second is to strictly enforce political discipline and rules. Continuously carry out the policy of "learning from cases, promoting reform through cases, and promoting governance through cases", using cases to alert people around us, and making warning education a mandatory course for key personnel and positions. Adhere to the system of reminding, supervision and supervision, deepen the use of "four forms", implement the spirit of the Eight-point Regulation of the central government and its implementation rules in the spirit of nail driving, and persevere in rectifying the "four styles". The third is to strictly and continuously rectify the wind and discipline. Give full play to the functions of discipline inspection, supervision, inspection, audit and risk prevention and control, implement combination boxing, improve the self-discipline mechanism that does not want to corrupt, carry out publicity and education on clean government, and use cases around to educate and alert people around; Strengthen the punishment mechanism for not daring to corrupt, seriously investigate and punish the use of state-owned enterprise resources for personal gain and abuse of power, and impose severe punishment; Improve the prevention mechanism against corruption, improve the integrity supervision system, extend the supervision function to the grassroots, promote the standardized operation of power, prevent and control integrity risks, and continue to promote the "clean and profitable" policy.
5. Adhere to the original aspiration of the people and serve the workers and masses. One is to deepen the concept of 'I do practical things for the people'. We will firmly practice the idea of putting the people at the center, carry out in-depth activities of "doing practical things for the people", and implement the study of history in practice. Adhere to putting oneself down, facing the grassroots level, and implementing targeted policies, firmly grasp the most direct and practical interests of the workers and masses, make good use of the "learning assistance, medical assistance, and difficulties" assistance mechanism, respond to the expectations of employees with visible changes, and share the achievements of reform and development. The second is to adhere to the principle of putting the interests of the masses first. In the process of mixed reform and liquidation and exit of enterprises, we should strengthen the sentiment of "not afraid of the people taking advantage", actively and properly solve historical and practical problems related to employee interests, strictly implement the "leadership package" system, and directly handle key and sensitive matters by the main person in charge of the unit; Promote the resolution of common problems in concentration; For difficult and indecisive personality problems, we will adopt a case by case approach and resolve them in depth. The third is to promote positive qi and energy. Vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship spirit, continuously stimulate the labor enthusiasm and creative vitality of employees, and promote the activities of mentoring and mentoring apprentices. Focusing on the cultivation and practice of Core Socialist Values, we extensively carried out various employee activities that are grounded and warm to the people. The fourth is to improve the system of connecting with the masses. Strengthen the sense of responsibility of team members to step on soil and carry pots and stoves, go deep into grassroots frontline and workshop teams, timely understand the ideological trends and expectations of employees, enrich the toolbox for problem-solving, and make employees' lives more warm and quality.

5、 Attending meeting leaders' comments
Wu Jiejun, the leader of the steering group of the Party Committee of the Municipal SASAC and the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal SASAC, affirmed the special Democratic life meeting of the group leadership, and believed that the Party Committee attached great importance to it and made adequate preparations; Adhere to problem orientation and strictly conduct comparative inspections; The meeting style is serious and simple, achieving the expected effect. Criticism and self-criticism are serious and serious, with accurate points, similar words, and a spicy taste. They are carefully conducting comparative checks. Especially, the main leaders took the lead in carrying out criticism and self-criticism, putting themselves in the picture and being honest with each other, achieving the goal of unified thinking, clear direction, and enhancing unity. At the same time, the supervision group of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission also pointed out the shortcomings: firstly, highlighting the theme characteristics and lacking depth and sensitivity in thinking about issues from a political perspective; Secondly, there is a lack of spicy taste and a lack of fighting spirit in mutual criticism; The third is to further improve the investigation and rectification of problems, and strengthen the implementation and rectification. Five suggestions are proposed for the next step of work: firstly, theoretical armed forces need to be further strengthened; Secondly, leading high-quality development requires further strengthening; Thirdly, grassroots party building needs to be further strengthened; Fourthly, the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party requires further tightening; The fifth is that the level of leadership cadres' responsibility needs to be further improved. It is hoped that the leadership of the Group will transform the achievements of the Democratic life meeting into a new driving force for development, and reflect the role of Baili in building a strong city through manufacturing.
Mei Fengqi, the leader of the Supervision and Inspection Team of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team stationed in Bohai Chemical Group, commented on four opinions: firstly, to enhance political standing. The three newly hired members of the professional management team should have a new understanding of their work and enhance their political standing from a political and responsible perspective. The second is to strengthen political training. We should strive for long-term success, continue to exert force, and focus on improving political training, striving to improve the political judgment, understanding, and execution of the team. The third is to strengthen political responsibilities. In accordance with the requirements of the "four responsibilities coordination", further strengthen the main responsibility of the Party Committee, the supervision responsibility of the Discipline Inspection Commission, the first person responsible for the Party Committee Secretary, and the "one position, two responsibilities" responsibility of team members. The fourth is to clarify the boundaries of power. To carry out work in accordance with the law, discipline, and regulations, clarify the scope of responsibilities, refine functional authorities, implement the "1+3" list of powers and responsibilities of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and enhance the overall synergy of the team.
Finally, the group leaders made a statement on behalf of the group party committee and leadership team. He pointed out that after the adjustment and enrichment of the group's team, it can be said that it has just "set sail", and Democratic life meeting will deeply educate and benefit each team member. The Party Committee Supervision Group and Supervision Group of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission not only affirmed the achievements but also pointed out the shortcomings, and the opinions and suggestions proposed have strong guiding significance. The leadership of the Group should take the Democratic life meeting as a new starting point, further strengthen its own construction, deepen the implementation of rectification, and promote the work of the Group to a new level. We should further improve our political position, conscientiously transform the achievements of the Democratic life meeting, strictly enforce political discipline and political rules, and resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal SASAC Party Committee in a serious and pragmatic manner, so as to effectively build the group leadership into a more united, strong and fighting force, truly play a leading role, and greet the success of the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.
Baili Group Party Committee