Improving Ability and Quality, Promoting the Spirit of Model Workers - The Group Trade Union provides full support for model workers' participation in continuing education and learning through tuition fees

Recently, the trade union of the Group fully reimbursed the tuition fees for two municipal model worker and May Day labor medal winners of Tianforge Press Co., Ltd. to participate in academic upgrading and skill training, encouraging advanced workers to take the lead in learning new knowledge and skills and improving their ability and quality.
In recent years, the group trade union has vigorously promoted the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, continuously strengthening the training and training of advanced employees such as model workers. At the beginning of this year, the trade union of the Group formulated a policy to give full support to the tuition fees of model worker at or above the municipal level and the winners of the May Day Labor Medal who are on duty in the Group system to participate in continuing education and study, which reflects the recognition and care of the Group for the hard work and selfless dedication of advanced workers.
Two model workers expressed their gratitude to the group for their attention and concern towards us. We will continue to learn, keep up with the times, and lead by example in our work positions with a higher sense of mission and responsibility. We will encourage more people to strive for the new era and make new contributions to the reform and development of the group.