Tianfa Hydropower Company Widely Conducts Labor Competitions, Works Well, Strives for Vitality, Wins Turnover Battle

The Party Committee of Tianfa Hydropower Company has conducted in-depth learning and education on Party history, closely adhering to the reality of transformation and development, and highlighting the theme of turning losses into profits in 2021. In August, it launched the "150 Day Struggle, Do Well, Win 2021" labor competition. The competition closely revolves around the delivery of key projects, improvement of quality level, establishment of a safe enterprise, and contribution to job positions. It focuses on "comparing progress, quality, safety, and contribution", further mobilizing the love and labor potential of employees, and rallying together to work hard and win the turnaround battle, laying a solid foundation for promoting the development of mixed transformation in enterprises. There are four main approaches:
One is to strengthen organizational leadership and carefully plan for progress. The Party Committee of Tianfa Hydropower Company regards carrying out labor competitions as an important means to achieve the company's goals. The leadership team attaches great importance to it, and the main leaders are in charge. A competition leadership group office has been established, and a thorough competition plan has been formulated. Comrade Zhang Guowang, Party Secretary and Chairman, has personally deployed the plan. The competition office holds a monthly summary meeting at the end of each month to report on the progress of the "Four Comparisons" and create pressure. The production system holds monthly production scheduling meetings, adheres to problem orientation, and optimizes production processes in a timely manner. On September 15th, the company held a symposium on the production of the first tubular seat of the Nianpanshan project, strengthening the confidence and determination of employees to do well and win in 2021. On September 27th, the company held a flag raising ceremony to re mobilize, deploy, and promote the labor competition. On October 30th, the enterprise also held a labor competition promotion meeting to exchange information on the progress of the competition, summarize the phased achievements and existing problems, and further promote the deepening and implementation of the labor competition.
The second is to accelerate the construction period by focusing on key projects. The labor competition is led by the three key projects of Nianpan Mountain, Yakou, and Gaopi, with ensuring timely delivery as the focus and focus. The workshop is the participating unit, mobilizing the majority of employees to race against time. The first workshop has comprehensively improved the machining quality and production efficiency of the guide vanes by improving the weight balance method of the guide vane sequence for key project units. The output value exceeded 10 million yuan for two consecutive months in August and September. The second workshop has always been closely focused on production tasks, reorganizing existing personnel, scientifically scheduling shifts, and producing at full capacity. The processing efficiency has reached its peak in recent years, and the Gaopi 3 # stator coil completed the production task ten days in advance. The three workshops conducted group competitive management on the welding team, which improved the initiative and enthusiasm of the workshop staff; At the same time, the welding process for large-sized inner cones has been continuously improved, using the method of segmented point assembly and overall assembly to improve welding efficiency, and the welding cycle has been shortened from about 70 days to about 56 days. As of now, the first pipe seat of the Nianpanshan project has been successfully delivered, and the Gaopi 1 # 2 # complete machine and Yakou 1 # 2 # complete machine have been delivered.
The third is to have the courage to innovate and overcome manufacturing bottlenecks. The Nianpanshan project is one of the 172 national water conservancy engineering projects, with the highest manufacturing level and the most difficult manufacturing difficulty for the company. It is difficult for workshop equipment to process oversized and ultra-high parts. The employees of Tianfa Hydropower Company vigorously promote the spirit of labor model, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, with national labor model Shen Zhonglin as the leader and innovative studio as the carrier, based on their positions to overcome difficulties and break through the bottleneck of existing equipment processing. The Employee Innovation Studio has successively developed and applied specialized tools such as vertical machining of blade plates on boring machines and vertical machining of shaft heads on vertical turning machines, increasing the cutting capacity of the machine tool and reducing equipment losses. The Labor Model Innovation Studio focuses on improving the cutting process of the bubble head cone cylinder, adopting a method of cleaning the material without leaving any pressure on the head, solving the difficulty of riveting the head, and saving over 80000 yuan in costs. The client of Nianpanshan gave full affirmation to the company after investigating the progress of the project, and the client of Miyun Reservoir confirmed the contract on the spot after the company's on-site investigation.
The fourth is to strengthen overall coordination and linkage, and gather strong joint forces. The whole company is working together and putting in all efforts to carry out labor competitions as a tough battle to turn the fate of the enterprise, carrying responsibility on their shoulders and implementing it in their work. The Production and Procurement Department anchors the annual target tasks, ensuring timely progress of the project through project progress sorting, production status classification, key node tracking, and scheduling node estimation. The Technology and Process Department aims to serve key projects, led by department heads, serving the workshop 49 times, 108 people, and solving 46 technical problems. The Safety Technology Department fully utilizes its departmental functions and adopts methods such as centralized rectification, special inspections, specialized training, and monthly briefings to establish a solid foundation for safety production. The marketing department has launched a decisive campaign to win over old debts, and the debt clearance personnel have issued a military order to "ensure the payment of 24 million yuan at the end of the year and 60 million yuan throughout the year". As of now, the outstanding amount is 45.9 million yuan. The vast number of employees actively participated in providing suggestions and suggestions for the development of the enterprise. Through the rationalization suggestion activity, 25 suggestions were submitted, and the trade union organized relevant departments to carefully respond to each rationalization suggestion. With the joint efforts of the vast number of employees, Tianfa Hydropower Company has continuously consolidated its upward momentum, and the joint forces of reform and development have gathered. From January to October 2021, its main business revenue was 247 million yuan, a 25% increase compared to the same period last year. The company is constantly moving towards achieving the goal of turning losses into profits this year.
Baili Group Labor Union
November 17, 2021