Implementation Plan for Carrying out the Theme Activity of "Strengthening Party Spirit, Doing Practical Things, and Promoting Development"

Party committees (general branches, branches) of various units under the group:
  According to the requirements of the Party Committee of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the theme activity of "Strengthening Party Spirit, Doing Practical Work, and Promoting Development" is now being carried out in the study and education of Party history in the group system. The arrangement is as follows:
1、 Schedule
From October to November 2021, the theme activity of "strengthening party spirit, doing practical things, and promoting development" was widely carried out among party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels of the group system, promoting the heating up and strengthening of party history learning and education, deepening and implementing, and transforming achievements, sparking a new wave.
2、 Main tasks
(1) Exercising Efforts in Strengthening Party Spirit
1. Organize thematic learning seminars.    
2. Conduct baptism of party spirit cultivation.   In late October, the theoretical learning center group of the group party committee will conduct a one-day centralized learning, and each unit's theoretical learning center group should arrange no less than one day of centralized learning before the end of October.
3. Pay attention to the rectification of inspection issues. Each party member shall formulate targeted rectification measures, list rectification lists, clarify rectification time limits, and implement rectification responsibilities for the problems and mutual criticisms identified during the special organizational life meeting. Party members extensively engage in heart-to-heart discussions, remind and assist each other, and jointly promote the rectification of problems to achieve practical results. The rectification shall be reported at the Democratic life meeting and organizational life meeting.
4. Write personal cultivation guidelines. Before the end of November, each party member should benchmark Comrade Zhou Enlai's "My Cultivation Guidelines" and formulate personal cultivation guidelines based on their own learning, work, and life experiences. Party members should have no less than 500 words and leading cadres should have no less than 800 words. They should carry out self revolution in the depths of their souls and always cultivate themselves and discipline themselves with the principle of strong party spirit.
5. Continuously carry out on-site teaching. Party members and cadres were organized to visit the "Red Memory - Tianjin Revolutionary Cultural Relics Exhibition", the "Centennial is in its prime" themed archive literature exhibition, the Zhou Deng Memorial Hall, the Pingjin campaign Memorial Hall and other boutique exhibitions, watch the major revolutionary historical theme film "Chosin Reservoir", extensively and deeply study and publicize the advanced deeds of exemplary Communist Party members in various historical periods, and guide party members and cadres to deeply understand the great spirit of party building, Firm belief and confidence.
(2) Strive to serve the people
1. Establish a long-term mechanism for connecting with the workforce. Deeply summarizing the experience of the "Baili Group Voice" activity, members of the leadership team of the group and each unit have identified at least one employee as a pair of visiting households, regularly conducting "joint visits", and visiting the pair of visiting households no less than once a year. Appropriate methods are adopted to contact the pair of visiting households no less than once a quarter, with a focus on promoting the Party's policy theory, listening to and observing the voices of the employee masses, helping to solve practical problems, and promoting the implementation of key tasks.
2. Improve the long-term mechanism for serving employees and the masses. Party organizations at all levels should, based on the actual situation of the unit, further revise and improve the list of practical projects and the list of demands from the staff and the masses, diligently and passionately solve difficult problems at the grassroots level and the troubles of the staff and the masses, and achieve the goal of meeting the needs of the people, handling any requests, and resolving any difficulties. The headquarters of the group, based on the Party branch as a unit, conducts a monthly business guidance and door-to-door service activity with a downward shift of focus and an extended arm to grassroots enterprises, comprehensively guiding and serving the grassroots. In December, the group will hold an exhibition on the achievements of the "I Do Practical Things for the People" practical activity, summarizing and exhibiting the practical work done by various units.
3. Improve the long-term mechanism for volunteer service work. Fully leverage the role of grassroots party organizations as battle fortresses and exemplary role models for party members, and establish volunteer service teams such as party vanguard teams and youth assault teams in various units to carry out volunteer service activities based on actual conditions. Party members use the "Volunteer Tianjin" service platform to join the team and participate in volunteer service activities, with a monthly volunteer service duration of no less than 2 hours.
(3) Strive to promote development
1. Party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels should vigorously promote the spirit of taking responsibility, combine learning Party history with promoting work, strengthen the determination and will to take responsibility, demonstrate the spirit of bearing difficulties and risks, and strive for progress, and prioritize, practice, and do good deeds. Enhance the initiative, coordination, leadership, and effectiveness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, identify gaps and fill gaps in accordance with job responsibilities and annual goals, and promote comprehensive improvement in all aspects of work.
2. Party organizations at all levels should thoroughly carry out the rectification of formalism and bureaucracy, solidly carry out activities of "emphasizing responsibility, promoting action, and implementing", and resolutely "wait for" those who occupy positions but do not do anything, to form a good atmosphere of emphasizing practical achievements, seeking practical results, and still working hard. Through themed activities, we aim to strengthen organizations, train party members, unite the masses, and strengthen the flesh and blood connection between the party and the people.
3. Party organizations at all levels should take the promotion of high-quality development as the necessary goal, unswervingly implement the new development concept, benchmark advanced in building a Dual circulation, accurately judge and grasp the situation, observe and analyze economic problems with a political perspective, focus on the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, boldly innovate, dare to make breakthroughs, activate resource elements, plant development advantages, focus on solving development problems, and promote the reform and development of their own units.
3、 Strengthen organizational leadership
(1) Highly valued and accountable. Party organizations at all levels should focus on carrying out the theme activity of "strengthening Party spirit, doing practical things, and promoting development" as a key task in the current study and education of Party history. They should attach great importance to and carefully organize, strictly implement political, leadership, and work responsibilities, and educate and guide Party members and cadres to effectively learn and practice history. Leaders and cadres at all levels should play an exemplary role, and take the lead in refining party spirit, serving the people, and promoting development.
(2) Strengthen supervision and strive for practical results. The Group's Party History Learning and Education Supervision Group will adopt methods such as random inspections, research visits, and inspections to supervise and guide the implementation of theme activities in each unit. We must firmly guard against formalism and bureaucracy, prevent formalism from going too far, and ensure that tangible results are achieved.
Tianjin Baili Machinery Equipment Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee
October 12, 2021