Baili Group Seriously Implements the Spirit of the Municipal Party Congress to Promote the Solid and Effective Development of Theme Activities

The Party Committee of Baili Group conscientiously implements the spirit of the 12th Municipal Party Congress, and the members of the leadership team adhere to taking the lead in learning, in-depth learning, and combining practical learning. They pay attention to the "six profound understandings and accurate grasp", further deepen the in-depth learning and understanding of the connotation of "welcoming grand events, casting loyalty, strong responsibility, and entrepreneurial achievements", and highlight the importance of learning, training, promotion, and implementation, Effectively promoting the achievement of phased results in 11 key tasks of theme activities.
1. Strengthen the education and training of party members and cadres. Focusing on theoretical armed forces, carefully planning and deploying the spirit learning class of the 12th Municipal Party Congress; Focusing on ability and quality improvement, special training on enterprise risk control and performance of equity representatives was held; Focus on the cultivation of young cadres, hold a symposium on warning education for young cadres, and educate and guide young cadres to hold the first button for clean and honest employment.
2. Carefully organize the second topic study and discussion. By combining learning and promoting the implementation of the spirit of the 12th Municipal Party Congress, we will issue work reminders, clarify the time schedule and work quality, promote grassroots party branches to organize life meetings in accordance with the requirements of the "standard", and carry out the second special topic and "Adhere to the courage of self revolution, always maintain the vitality of the party" study and discussion.
3. Promote the completion of the preliminary candidate recommendation and nomination for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the representative election for the 12th Municipal Party Congress. Strictly implement procedures such as candidate recommendation, organizational investigation, party representative supplementation, and conference elections, strengthen party discipline and conduct education, and hold the group party representative conference on April 26th to complete the election of representatives to the 12th party congress of the group on schedule. At the same time, strict procedures and standardized requirements are required to complete the preliminary nomination and recommendation of candidates for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
4. Solidly promote party building special work such as party day activities. Carry out the "Four Ones" themed party day activities among grassroots party organizations and party members, including visiting a digital exhibition hall of party history, conducting online party building knowledge quizzes, revisiting a party membership oath, and watching a red education film to further deepen the effectiveness of the themed activities. We will carry out a major investigation and investigation of party member archives in key units, strengthen service supervision through meetings, on-site inspections, on-site feedback, and supervision of rectification. We will also assign dedicated personnel and form specialized teams to focus on tackling the remaining problems in party member archives in non-public enterprises. Over the past three years, we have smoothly, safely, and orderly completed the transfer of party organizations and 1511 party member organizations from 28 units.
5. Strictly implement the special organization of life meetings. According to the work deployment of the Party Committee of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, we will conscientiously implement the requirements for organizing thematic activities and life meetings, issue work reminders, formulate work plans, clarify work quality and progress requirements, and effectively promote the high-quality holding of thematic organizational life meetings by grassroots party branches.
6. Guide party members and cadres to strive for first-class performance based on their positions. Combining with reality, promote the deep integration of party building work, production and operation, and epidemic prevention and control work, and play the role of party members as pioneers and branch fortresses. Tianfa Hydropower Company creates one branch and one brand, with party members leading the way and rushing to the front line, focusing on technological breakthroughs, promoting production progress, tapping potential in the market, and promoting enterprise reform and development. During the repeated outbreak of the epidemic in late May, 18 party members and cadres of Tianforging Company voluntarily volunteered to form a temporary party branch stationed in the factory, leading 57 employees to stick to the production line, ensuring the timely delivery of products, and achieving an output value of 40 million yuan. A member of the frontline teacher team at the Training Center of the Mechanical and Electrical Vocational College. Faced with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, he overcame family difficulties, shared food and housing with students, taught skills, and guarded their healthy growth with sincerity and sincerity.
7. Clear guidance to strengthen the construction of the cadre team. Adhering to a clear political stance and taking responsibility and practical implementation as the benchmark for selecting and appointing personnel, we will go deep into the grassroots and frontline to investigate and understand the role played by the leadership teams and personnel of the two key units of the group. Strengthen the selection and use of young cadres, strictly follow the selection procedures, and promote two key young cadres to deputy positions in the team, stimulating the motivation of young cadres to work and start businesses. Deepen the construction of a clean and honest "hundred benefits", initiate the construction of a clean and honest culture, promote the management of clean and honest archives for leaders, achieve dynamic supervision, control at the source, and resolutely purify the political ecology.
8. Deeply carry out the "I do practical things for the people" activity. The members of the group leadership team took the lead in carrying out "joint visits to households", and visited 11 affiliated units multiple times to listen to the opinions and suggestions of employees at multiple levels and dimensions. In work, we use our hearts and emotions to do practical things well, carry out summer cooling activities, and allocate 450000 yuan as a condolence fund to purchase heatstroke prevention and cooling materials for frontline employees at the grassroots level; The trade union of the Group appropriated 300000 yuan to support Tianforge Company to improve the construction of the staff home, create the staff bookstore, Basketball court, football field and other venues, and build a demonstration base for staff activities.
9. Firmly build a political "Moat". Since June, members of the group's leadership team have conducted multiple in-depth research and visits to the enterprise, serving and guiding grassroots units to ensure safety and stability, and accelerate reform and development. Increase the resolution of accumulated cases of petitions and petitions, implement the responsibility of leaders to package cases, establish a special work team, and make every effort to resolve conflicts between petitions and petitions in key units, ensuring safety and stability during the Municipal Party Congress. Focusing on normalized epidemic prevention and control, we will strictly implement work requirements, strengthen guidance and supervision from grassroots units, especially universities, establish specialized classes, continue to work, and serve to promote vaccination for people over 60 years old. Among them, the vaccination rate of direct family members of the group's in-service personnel in Tianjin is 93.07%; The overall vaccination rate is 92.36%, which meets the current task requirements of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.
10. Actively create a learning and promotional atmosphere. Focusing on learning and promoting the implementation of the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of the city, strictly regulating the posting of promotional slogans, holding special meetings to deploy and implement, organizing the city's party representatives and Comrade Jia Kun, a boring worker of Tianfa Hydropower Company, to carry out lectures on the front line of the enterprise as soon as possible, sparking a wave of learning and publicity. At the same time, the organization excavates and edits the advanced deeds of outstanding young volunteers, strengthens the promotion of advanced models, encourages and guides young employees to learn from advanced figures, and strives for first-class work performance.
11. Strive to improve the quality of the group's reform and development. Focusing on the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, we will accelerate the promotion of enterprise reform, improve quality and efficiency, and prevent and control risks. The members of the group leadership team have repeatedly delved into the current situation of business management in the enterprise, helping service enterprises solve problems and plan for development. Promote Tianfa Hydropower Company to improve on-site management, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate project construction progress. Guide the listed company Baili Tejing to leverage its platform and financial advantages, promote the acceleration of the layout of the new energy industry, extend the upstream and downstream industry chains, and add new momentum to scale growth and accelerated development.
Recently, the Party Committee of the Group has held a promotion meeting for theme activities, to further deploy and promote the deepening of the learning and preaching of the spirit of the Municipal Party Congress, as well as the key tasks of theme activities. Efforts have been made to organize and carry out special learning seminars, special party classes, special organizational life meetings, theme party day activities, and other work, achieving results, and promoting the deepening, implementation, and effectiveness of theme activities.