Baili Group solidly carries out theme learning, publicity, education, and practical activities

Building Loyalty, Strengthening Responsibility, Doing Practical Work, and Promoting Development
Since the launch of theme learning, publicity, education, and practical activities, the Party Committee of Baili Group has focused on starting from the actual transformation and development of the group, starting from prominent problems, identifying the three entry points of solving problems, doing practical things, and promoting development, solidly promoting the deep integration of theme practice activities and central work, and promoting the deepening and implementation of various work.
Focusing on the urgent needs and anxieties of employees, delving deeper into the grassroots to understand the truth. Firmly establish the development concept of putting the people at the center, and continuously deepen the practical activities of "I do practical things for the people". Firstly, the leadership team adheres to the implementation of the "Four Walks", using "welcoming grand events, promoting harmony, and sending warmth" consolation activities and "connecting points and visiting households" as carriers, highlighting three focuses, namely: focusing on the development vision expected by employees, focusing on the difficult problems that need to be solved in enterprise development, focusing on the actual livelihood issues that employees are concerned about, and effectively solving practical problems for employees. Secondly, the leadership team has repeatedly visited 11 affiliated units, Listening to the opinions and suggestions of the vast number of employees at multiple levels and dimensions, from the development suggestions to enhance the enterprise's technological innovation ability and strengthen talent cultivation, to the actual needs of improving cafeteria meals and increasing the issuance of labor protection supplies, we have sorted out and formed a demand list of 92 items. The members of the leadership team take the lead in identifying key tasks, researching and proposing 15 annual practical task lists, driving the division of labor and collaboration between responsible units and responsible departments, and promoting the implementation item by item.
Focus on historical difficulties and fulfill the mission of state-owned enterprises. The Party Committee of the Group, based on the principles of no avoidance, no evasion, and no delay, has made great efforts to coordinate and solve the "hard bone" problem left by the past husband. Firstly, in response to the long-term unresolved issue of pension for retired personnel from the original public institution, the Party Committee of the Group has conducted a special research and deployment, established a special work team, understood relevant policies in detail, sorted out and established a work ledger, and conducted a thorough investigation of 1023 units and personnel involved, We have focused on organizing the archives of 431 deceased individuals, with a preliminary estimate of over 50 million yuan involved. Currently, we have calculated and reissued the pensions for 10 deceased individuals who passed away as former public institutions, allowing employees to feel the responsibility of state-owned enterprises firsthand. Second, the problem of land ownership in the old factory area of Meiya has not been transferred for nearly 13 years, which has not been solved due to the constraints of policies and funds. The main leaders of the Group actively promoted, negotiated and studied again with the government of Xiqing District and the government of Zhongbei, formed a new solution, signed a land acquisition and storage agreement, recovered the total balance of 7 million yuan, and completed the cancellation of the real estate ownership certificate. The problems left over by more than ten years of history in the old factory area of Meiya were completely solved. The third is to actively promote relevant enterprises to solve the issue of employee insurance benefits. Tianforging Company has increased its investment by 7.32 million yuan, increased the base of employee insurance and provident fund, and benefited more than 500 employees, greatly stimulating the enthusiasm of the majority of employees in their work.
Focus on the hot topics that employees care about, and do practical things with heart and emotion. While promoting the reform and development of the group, we will continue to deepen our care and care for the vast number of employees, and truly bring practical matters to the hearts of the employees. Firstly, we will promote Xinhao Company to establish a special fund for stability maintenance and poverty alleviation, which will be used to resolve prominent issues related to letters and visits and provide assistance and assistance to employees and the masses. Secondly, during the May Day holiday, a condolence activity was held to welcome the grand event, promote harmony, and send warmth. A condolence fund of 416500 yuan was allocated to various units to provide condolence to difficult workers, advanced model workers, and frontline workers suffering from physical and mental illnesses. The third is to allocate a cool comfort fund of 450000 yuan during the summer, which is used by frontline employees of enterprises to purchase cooling materials for the prevention and control department, and to ensure the safety of frontline employees during the summer. Fourth, the trade union of the Group allocated 300000 yuan to support Tianforge to improve the construction of the staff's home, create activity venues such as staff bookstores, Basketball court, football fields, etc., build demonstration bases for staff activities, and further improve the production and living environment of staff,
Focus on the bottleneck of enterprise development and serve the reform and transformation of enterprises. The theme education practice activities are closely combined with the implementation of the key tasks of the group's reform and development. In response to the management shortcomings of the enterprise, the group leaders have repeatedly delved into the current situation of operation and management in the enterprise, helping service enterprises solve problems and plan for development. One is to promote the CNPS project training of Tianfa Hydropower Company, identify management issues, sort out business processes, establish unified quality standards, establish improvement demonstration zones in the workshop site, implement 2S3 fixed management, and improve the operational efficiency of the enterprise through on-site management. The project construction progress continues to improve. In May, the first water turbine generator unit runner of the Nianpanshan project passed the acceptance inspection smoothly. The second is to strengthen standardized guidance and improve the management level of listed companies. Based on actual conditions, adjust the team members of Baili Tejing Company, strengthen the construction of the leadership team, optimize the structure, enhance capabilities, enhance synergy, fully leverage the platform and financial advantages of listed companies, promote the acceleration of the new energy industry layout, extend the upstream and downstream industry chain, and add new momentum to scale growth and accelerated development.