Fully Shaping New Advantages of High Quality Development -- On Learning, Propaganda, and Implementing the Spirit of the 12th Municipal Party Congress

Article source: Tianjin Daily Release time: July 4th, 2022 17:30


High quality development is the only way to comprehensively build a socialist modern metropolis. To achieve higher quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable, and safer development, it is necessary to fully, accurately, and comprehensively implement the new development concept, comprehensively shape new advantages of high-quality development, continuously stimulate new momentum, and firmly grasp the initiative of development.
The principle is that things are natural, and things are natural. A certain development practice is guided by a certain development concept. Whether the development concept is right or not fundamentally determines the effectiveness and even the success or failure of development. The new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing provides theoretical guidance and practical guidance for shaping new development advantages and leading high-quality development. At present, Tianjin is still in a period of promising strategic opportunities, a historical window period of overlapping advantages, a decisive period of transformation and upgrading, and a period of striving to build a Dual circulation. The task of reform and development is arduous. Only by fully utilizing the baton and traffic lights of the new development concept, focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of development, and promoting quality, efficiency, and driving force changes, can we move steadily on the path of high-quality development.
Focusing on key work tasks for the next five years, the focus of high-quality development is clearly visible. Based on the functional orientation of "one base and three districts", we will undertake high-quality relief of Beijing's non capital functions, support the construction of Xiong'an and Beijing's urban sub center, and promote greater progress in regional productivity layout and functional reconstruction. This is a firm action to focus on the big chess game and integrate into the Grand strategy; Adhering to the establishment of a manufacturing city, continuously improving the modern industrial system, promoting the construction of advanced manufacturing research and development bases in China to improve quality, efficiency, and upgrade, accelerating the construction of artificial intelligence pioneer cities and leading information and innovation industry bases in China, this is to plan a layout in consolidating the foundation of the real economy; We will make every effort to build a highland for technological innovation, adhere to the "four aspects", adhere to the "application based business", and continuously improve our independent innovation and original innovation capabilities. This is based on the surging momentum of innovation... The "quality" of high-quality development comes from solidly consolidating the foundation, from resolutely reforming and renovating the old, striving for quality, efficiency, structural optimization, and green development, making the connotation of "quality" increasingly rich, The driving force for development will become more and more abundant, and resilience will become stronger and stronger.
High quality development is not just an economic requirement, but an overall requirement for all aspects of economic and social development. Optimize urban spatial layout, accelerate the construction of a dual urban development pattern of "Jincheng" and "Bincheng", and build a scientific and reasonable urban system in a metropolis; Adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization; We firmly adhere to the path of ecological priority and green development, adhere to the coordinated promotion of carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion, and growth, and promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development... These high-quality development areas all respond to the expectations of the people for a better life. In the final analysis, it is to let the masses see the changes, receive practical benefits, and have a greater sense of quality, sustainable happiness, and a more secure sense of security.
In the new era and new journey, only through struggle can we reach high and far. The 12th Party Congress of the city has determined the development blueprint for the next five years, and achieving the goals and tasks will not be easy. The only path is to work hard and do hard. Only by doing practical work can we melt the new development concept into hot practice; Only by doing practical work can innovative ideas be turned into creative actions. We need to exert a strong sense of perseverance and innovation, with a strong political responsibility and historical initiative. Success does not necessarily depend on me, and success must have its own spiritual realm. We must overcome difficulties, forge ahead, seize every moment, firmly implement the new development concept, comprehensively shape new advantages of high-quality development, and create a great era worthy of the historical achievements of the Tianjin people.