People's Daily Commentator: Creating New Great Achievements with New Great Struggles

Create new great achievements with new great struggles
——On Learning and Implementing the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
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November 5, 2022 at 08:00 Source: People's Daily - People's Daily


  To unite and strive for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modernized country and the comprehensive promotion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Ten years of hard work and progress, painting a magnificent picture.   Over the past decade, we have won the largest poverty alleviation battle in human history, historically solved the problem of absolute poverty, and achieved the millennium dream of a moderately prosperous society for the Chinese nation; The gross domestic product has increased from 54 trillion yuan to 114 trillion yuan, and the proportion of China's total economic output to the world economy has reached 18.5%, an increase of 7.2 percentage points, achieving a historic leap in economic strength; Build the world's largest education system, social security system, and healthcare system, and comprehensively improve people's lives;   It is a milestone in the history of the development of the Chinese nation and has a profound impact on the Party, the Chinese people, the socialist modernization drive, and the development of Scientific socialism in China in the 21st century.
Looking back on the century long struggle, our Party united and led the Chinese people to achieve great victories in the New Democracy revolution, socialist revolution and construction, reform and opening up, and socialist modernization, and ushered in a new era of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Today, the Chinese people are radiating a stronger historical consciousness and initiative. The CPC and the Chinese people are confident in promoting the great leap of the Chinese nation from standing up, becoming rich to becoming strong. The best tribute to a century long history of struggle is to write a new history of struggle. On the way forward, we are well aware that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation cannot be achieved easily with the beating of gongs and drums. We must be prepared to make even more arduous and arduous efforts. All Party members must firmly grasp the central task of the Party in the new era and new journey, never forget their original aspiration, always remember their mission, be humble, cautious, and hardworking, dare to struggle, be good at struggle, strengthen historical confidence, enhance historical initiative, seek truth and pragmatism, truly grasp practical work, unite and lead billions of people to achieve the established goals with unwavering perseverance and perseverance, We will tirelessly promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with the sobriety of those who travel a hundred miles.
Creating new great achievements with new great struggles, let us strengthen our strategic confidence. Having the guidance of Marxist Scientific theory is the root of our party's firm belief and conviction and grasping the historical initiative.   The "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards" is the decisive factor to promote the historic achievements and changes in the cause of the Party and the country, and is the greatest certainty, confidence and guarantee to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and deal with all uncertainties. We should deeply understand the decisive significance of the "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards" and the need to adhere to the New Era Party's innovative theory, strategic layout and strategic initiatives in the new journey, strengthen strategic self-confidence, maintain strategic sobriety, enhance confidence and morale, stimulate the power of striving with the power of thought, grasp the historical initiative with theoretical initiative, and work together to achieve the goals and tasks proposed at the 20th National Congress of the Party.
Create new great achievements with new great struggles, let us carry forward the spirit of struggle. The courage to struggle is a distinct character of our party. Our party relies on struggle to create history, and more importantly, we must rely on struggle to win the future. On the new journey, the risks and tests we face will only become increasingly complex, and we may even encounter unimaginable waves. The various struggles we face are not short-term but long-term, and will accompany the entire process of achieving the second centenary goal. We need to deeply understand the analysis and judgment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the domestic and international situation, grasp the opportunities and challenges faced by China's development, enhance our awareness of crisis, strengthen bottom line thinking, and be prepared for various complex situations in terms of ideology and work. We must carry forward the spirit of struggle, strengthen the will to fight, enhance our morale, backbone, and confidence, not believe in evil, not afraid of ghosts, and not afraid of pressure. We must advance and face difficulties with determination, have a strong backbone, dare to attack, and dare to fight to win. We should grasp the overall situation, coordinate development and security, grasp the main contradictions and the main aspects of contradictions, improve our ability to see the light, accurately recognize changes, respond scientifically, take the initiative to change, enhance our ability to fight, firmly grasp the initiative to fight, spare no effort to overcome various difficulties and challenges on the way forward, and rely on tenacious struggle to open up a new world for career development.
Create new great achievements with new great struggles, let us have the courage to take on our responsibilities. To simplify the road, practical work is essential. Socialism is achieved through hard work, and the new era is achieved through struggle. The basic realization of modernization relies on practical work, the comprehensive construction of a socialist modernized power relies on practical work, and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation relies on practical work. Only by truly grasping can we overcome difficulties, and only by doing practical things can our dreams come true. Chinese path to modernization is a great and arduous undertaking. Because it is difficult, it is great; But its hardships make it even more glorious. On the new journey, we need to anchor our established goals and carry forward the spirit of "daring to teach the sun and the moon for a new sky". We will not seek refuge or shirk our responsibilities, dare to take responsibility, and be good at doing things. We will take the initiative to attack opportunities, face difficulties, and actively respond to risks. We will concentrate on doing our own things well. We must adhere to the principle of putting the people first, stand firm in their stance, think about what the people think and follow their advice, and focus on solving the problems of imbalanced and insufficient development and the urgent needs and anxieties of the people. As long as it is something that the people welcome, it must be done to the end no matter how difficult it is.
Now that we have achieved the first centenary goal, we are vigorously advancing towards the second centenary goal. The journey is long, only through struggle. We have gone through countless rivers and mountains through struggle and overcoming obstacles. We still need to continue to strive, move forward bravely, and create even more brilliant brilliance.   By uniting and striving, we will surely be able to write a new chapter of the times and create new historical achievements.
The blueprint inspires people, and the horn prompts them to move forward. Let's move towards a new goal and set out!
People's Daily (1st edition, November 5, 2022)