On Learning, Propaganda, and Implementing the Spirit of the 12th Municipal Party Congress

Creating new achievements that are worthy of history and the times on the new road to catching up with exams
On Learning, Propaganda, and Implementing the Spirit of the 12th Municipal Party Congress
Article source: Tianjin Daily Release time: June 30, 2022 10:40


Strive for a new journey and open up new prospects. The 12th Party Congress of Tianjin, which has just concluded, depicts the blueprint for Tianjin's development in the next five years, a magnificent picture of comprehensively building a socialist modern metropolis, slowly unfolding on the banks of the Bohai Sea and the Haihe River.
Learning, promoting and implementing the spirit of the Party Congress is an important political task for the city at present and in the future. We must quickly integrate our thoughts and actions into the spirit of the Party Congress, gather a strong collective force of unity and entrepreneurship, and strive to create a new situation of comprehensively building a socialist modern metropolis.
The core gathers strength, and ideas guide direction. In the past five years, Tianjin has fully built a high-quality moderately prosperous society and achieved historic achievements in various undertakings.   For party members and cadres, loyalty to the Party and the people, to the core and leaders of the Party, is the great virtue and first virtue of standing in politics. In order to build loyalty, the most fundamental thing is to deeply understand the decisive significance of "Two Establishes and Two Safeguards", constantly strengthen the "four consciousness", firmly "Confidence doctrine", and achieve "two maintenance".    
A new journey, a new starting point, a big goal. The next five years will be an important period for the vigorous development of various undertakings in Tianjin. Achieving high-quality development, high-level reform and opening up, efficient governance, and high-quality living requires a stronger will and confidence. High quality development focuses on quality, efficiency, structural optimization, and green development. Only by fully and accurately implementing the new development concept, continuously enhancing the balance, coordination, inclusiveness, and sustainability of development, can we comprehensively shape new advantages of high-quality development. High level reform and opening up means liberating the mind and innovating concepts. Only by adhering to the reform direction of the Socialist market economy, giving full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, and integrating systems, working together and being efficient, can we build a high standard reform and opening up pilot area. Efficient governance is a systematic project, and only through systematic governance, source governance, and comprehensive governance can we continuously achieve new improvements in governance efficiency. A high-quality life reflects the development concept of putting the people at the center, and we must work hard to ensure and improve people's livelihoods, in order to better meet the new expectations of the people. To strive for success, there is no need to be in my own spiritual realm. To inspire the courage and determination to know that there are tigers in the mountains and lean towards them, to overcome difficulties and take the initiative, we can turn the grand blueprint into a vivid reality.
The best response to implementing the spirit of the Party Congress is action. Once you have a clear direction and the right path, you must move forward without obstacles, rain or shine. A more complete modern economic system, a more dynamic market entity, a more advanced level of governance, and a more secure life are all goals and tasks in front of us. Only by knowing the heavy burden, taking on responsibilities, and being brave in struggle can we increase our advantages and turn potential into strength. This is a spirit, a responsibility, and a pattern. Only by holding onto the baton of struggle with a mindset of "achieving zero", continuously unleashing the upward momentum of development, seizing opportunities, and making breakthroughs can the goal of comprehensively building a socialist modern metropolis be transformed into visible and tangible development achievements and people's well-being.
Dream rises, strive to achieve. We must set out on a new path of achieving the second centenary goal of striving for excellence, cherish the hard won good results, continuously consolidate the hard won good situation, seize the opportunity, continue to make efforts, and strive for progress, creating a new situation of comprehensively building a socialist modern metropolis, and continue to achieve good results on the new path of striving for excellence.